FQ215G001 Prezio Speed Electric Oven


Your new Samsung electric oven means less elbow grease in the kitchen. With its steam cleaning function, the oven hygienically cleans itself and softens stuck-on residue so you can easily wipe it off. It even helps you to prepare meals faster thanks to its Speed Cooking technology, which uses multiple heating sources including two convection heaters on the sides. The oven also offers a range of cooking modes, and you can even use it as a microwave oven. 5 5 1 reviews

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At a Glance
  • Cut down on hard work thanks to steam cleaning
  • Cook food quicker with Speed Cooking technology
  • Monitor heat and other settings with digital display
  • Use it as a conventional oven or microwave oven

Awards & Warranty

Steam Clean does your dirty work

Steam Clean does your dirty work

It won’t take out the garbage or make the beds, but Samsung’s 24” oven does take care of one chore – it cleans itself. Just set the steam clean function and in practically no time at all, it hygienically cleans the oven and softens greasy residue so you can easily wipe it all away with a sponge or cloth. No cleaning equipment required. In fact, almost no cleaning required.
Food fast, not fast food

Food fast, not fast food

Some days it’s hard finding time to eat let alone cook. Which often leads to settling for unhealthy natives like fast food and take-out. Enter Speed Cooking technology, the quick and easy solution for busy households. With multiple heating sources - two convections on the sides, upper and bottom hidden grills, and microwave - you can cook home-made meals in less time, leaving you more time to relax and spend with your family.
Square Ceramic Tray

Square Ceramic Tray

A combination oven for the perfect combination! The microwave function cooks evenly without a turntable. It’s the stirrer fan that doesthe job, so you can cook larger portions anytime you want.
Multi Rack

Multi Rack

Samsung broadens your cooking options with the Milti Rack. The removable,slide-out Multi Rack allows you to vary your cooking style based on your needs with the Multi Rack, your cooking options are versatile!
Digital LED Display

Digital LED Display

More than a pretty face, our trendy easy-to read digital display is quick and easy to use.Don’t waste time squinting at old mechanical dials. Get our digital display!
Stylish Pop Out Dial

Stylish Pop Out Dial

Our stylish pop out dial is easy to use and easy to control.


Enjoy barbeque-style cooking at home with the detachable rotisserie.With rotisserie cooking, meats become more tender, juicier, and self-basted. When you need it, put the rotisserie attachment in place.

General Features

  • Display TypeGraphic LED
  • Cavity InteriorCeramic Enamel
  • Door Opening TypeDrop Down (Handle)
  • Max Cooking Time99min 99sec
  • More/LessNo
  • Custom CookNo
  • One Minute/30 sec Plus30 sec+
  • PreheatNo
  • DefrostPower Defrost (5) 1. Meat 2. Poultry 3. Fish 4. Bread / Cake 5. Fruit
  • Setting (My Choice)

    • Child LockYes
    • Clock System Option (12H/24H)24 Hr
    • Daylight Savings Time AdjustmentNo
    • Demonstration ModeNo
    • Language OptionNo
    • Reminder End SignalYes
    • Sound OptionYes (On / Off)
    • Weight OptionYes
    • Word Scrolling SpeedNo
  • Display

    • Language OptionNo
  • Auto CookSpeed Cook (12) 1. Frozen Pizza 2. Frozen Oven Chips 3. Frozen Croquettes 4. Frozen Lasagne 5. Frozen Fish Gratin 6. Chicken Pieces 7. Whole Chicken 8. Beef Steaks 9. Roast Beef 10. Baked Potatoes 11. Cake 12. Muffin
  • DeodorizerNo
  • Kitchen Timer/Hold TimerNo / Yes
  • Cooking Stages2 Stages
  • Grill HeaterSheath (3, Lower + Dual Upper)
  • Cooking Mode

    • BakeYes
    • BroilYes
    • Brown/GrillYes
    • Combi 1Conv. + Grill (Upper)
    • Combi 2Upper Grill + Lower Grill
    • Combi 3Conv. +Grill (Lower)
    • ConvectionYes
    • Microwave OvenYes
    • ToasterYes
  • ReheatNo
  • Numeric PadNo
  • One Touch Instant Cook PadNo
  • WarmNo
  • Cabinet ColourSTSS Colour (PCM)
  • Carton BoxBRN
  • Door ColorSTSS
  • OthersNo

General Information

  • Type

    • Heat SourceSpeed Cook
    • InstallationTBI
  • Control MethodTact & Dial (POP-UP)
  • Convection HeaterSheath (2)
  • Convection Temperature40 ~ 250°C
  • SensorTemperature
  • Sensor CookNo
  • ClockYes
  • Microwave DistributionStirrer
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Physical Specification

  • Dimension

    • Package (WxHxD)694 x 572 x 624mm
    • Cavity (WxHxD)429 x 229 x 430mm
    • Outside (WxHxD)595 x 460 x 520mm
  • Loading Quantity

    • 20/40ft228 sets / 40ft. 108 sets / 20ft.
  • Weight

    • Net37.6kg
    • Package46kg


  • Rack

    • RoundNo
    • Rectangle2
  • Steam CleaningYes (No Accessory)
  • Steam CookerNo
  • Charcoal Filter (for OTR)No
  • Crispy TrayNo
  • Ceramic Convection TrayYes (Rectangle)
  • SpitOption (Rotisserie)
  • Cook BookYes
  • Built-in Kit

    • Hanging KitNo
  • Quick Guide LabelYes


  • Capacity1.5 cu.ft. / 42 Liter
  • Power

    • Output Power (Convection)3000W (1500W x 2)
    • Output Power (Grill)3800W (Upper 2700W (1500 / 1200), Bottom 1100W)
    • Output Power (Max)3000W
    • Output Power (Microwave)900W
    • Power Consumption (Microwave)1550W
    • Power Source230V / 50Hz
  • Power Level20

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1 Aug, 2011

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