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Samsung's range of refrigerators offer stylish design and advanced cooling technology.

  • Make sure food stays fresher for longer
  • Store more groceries with high capacity
  • Keep all your items better organized
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty on selected models

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RF24FSEDBSR Four Door Refrigerator

Washing Machines

Clean clothes efficiently and effectively with Samsung's range of washing machines. Sizes range from 7kg to 12kg.

  • Great results at low temperatures.
  • Clean clothes quickly with a 15 minute wash
  • Less noise and vibration with VRT technology on selected models
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty on selected models

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WF80F5E0W4W 8kg 1400rpm ecobubble
Samsung five year warranty


Enjoy less hassle and cleaner dishes with Samsung's range of dishwashers.

  • Powerful cleaning for all kitchenware and cutlery
  • Innovative design gives maximum storage capacity
  • Flexible design lets you store items in awkward sizes or shapes
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty on selected model

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DW-FG720S Silver Dishwasher

Wine Coolers

Keep wine perfectly stored and ready to drink with Samsung's range of wine coolers.

  • Protect all your wine from harmful UV radiation
  • Regulate environmental conditions so wine lasts longer
  • Keep both red and white wines at their own ideal temperature

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RW52DASS Wine Cooler Freestanding


Do more in the kitchen with Samsung's range of innovative ovens.

  • Cook two dishes simultaneously with Dual Cook™ technology
  • Healthier meals with built-in steam cooking on selected models
  • Save up to 25% energy thanks to more efficient design
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty on selected models

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BQ1VD6T131 Dual Cook™ Steam Oven
Samsung five year warranty

Cooker Hobs

Samsung's great range of hobs includes induction, gas and ceramic cooktops.

  • Multi-use zones on an induction hob can accommodate several dishes
  • Keep food ready to eat with an induction hob's keep warm function
  • Get the right temperature right away and boil liquids quickly
  • Control induction and ceramic hobs easily with the LED display panel
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty on induction hobs

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CTN464NC01 'Anyplace' Induction Hob

Cooker Hoods

Keep your kitchen fresh with a versatile Samsung cooker hood.

  • Purify released air and remove odours with active carbon filtering
  • Choose between either ducted extraction or recirculation
  • Enjoy long-lasting performance thanks to the grease filter

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HC9347BG Hood


Cook food evenly and make cleaning up easy with Samsung's range of microwaves.

  • Set the ideal power level and cooking time automatically
  • Great design means more durability and easy cleaning
  • Ensure all your food is cooked evenly all the way through

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MC32F606TCT 32 Litres Smart Microwave

Vacuum Cleaners

Keep your home cleaner with less hassle thanks to Samsung's range of vacuum cleaners.

  • Designed to move with you with Motion Sync Design™ on selected models
  • Powerful, long lasting, suction for high performance cleaning
  • Clean quickly and efficiently with Dust Sensor technology on selected models

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SC20F70UG Motion Sync UV Vacuum Cleaner

Tumble Dryers

With an A++ energy rating, your new Samsung heat pump tumble dryer offers great drying performance as well as helping you cut costs.

  • Save energy and dry clothes gently with Heat Pump technology
  • Smart Check to resolve issues using your smartphone
  • Keep fabrics at their best with Diamond Drum™ technology
  • Get a reminder for filter cleaning from the Filter clean alarm

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DV70F5E0HGW 7kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer


Now you can enjoy total convenience and perfect freshness for all your groceries. Samsung refrigerators are efficient, flexible, and offer all the storage you need. With a wide range to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your kitchen and your lifestyle perfectly. Selected models even come with a free 5 year warranty.

Water and ice dispenser

The water and ice dispenser provides continuous filtered water and crushed or cubed ice at the touch of a button. The in-built filter system ensures that your water and ice will always be clean and fresh.


Flex Zone

This easy access counter-height drawer can be altered to four different temperatures to suit the type of food being stored.


Twin Cooling Plus™

The refrigerator and the freezer compartments are controlled separately. No air moves from one to the other so the fridge maintains the right humidity to keep vegetables fresh, while the freezer is kept dry and odour-free.


Smart Divider

The smart divider provides quick and simple separation of items within the drawer.


Washing Machines

Revolutionise the way you clean and care for your clothes. Samsung washing machines deliver gentler and more powerful cleaning thanks to groundbreaking ecobubble™ technology that also makes them more energy-efficient. They're designed to last, with easy troubleshooting and free 5 year warranty on selected models.

ecobubble™ technology

The ecobubble™ generator produces a rich, soapy foam which penetrates fabrics faster so you can clean at cool temperatures as effectively as a 40° wash.


15 minute wash

Now you don't have to wait if you need to clean clothes in a hurry. Just use 15 minute wash, available with selected Samsung washing machines.


Diamond Drum

The specially designed Diamond Drum is shaped to minimise wear and tear on your fabrics during the wash, meaning that your favourite clothes stay looking great, wash after wash.



Take the hassle out of doing the dishes with a Samsung dishwasher. Powerful cleaning makes sure all your kitchenware and cutlery is spotless and ready to use again. Meanwhile, innovative design gives you maximum storage capacity and the flexibility to handle items in awkward sizes or shapes. Selected models even come with a free 5 year warranty.

Storm Wash™

Storm Wash™ gives you great results when you wash even the dirtiest pots and pans, thanks to a high powered jet wash.


Third basket

Wash all your cutlery in the special third drawer, leaving space in the bottom rack to wash more plates.


Adjustable racks

Wash tall plates or glasses with ease thanks to the height-adjustable upper basket allowing you to fit in more of the items you need.


Wine Coolers

Keep all your wine perfectly stored and ready to drink. Samsung's wine coolers shield your wine from UV radiation as well as regulate humidity and other conditions, so it lasts longer. You can even keep different wines at different temperatures and enjoy each bottle at its very best.

Dual temperature zones

With two separate temperature zones, you can keep both your red wines and white wines at their ideal storage and drinking temperatures.


Humid environment

An environment with 55-75% humidity is maintained, which is essential for ensuring the corks in your wine bottles don't dry out.


UV protection coating door

UV radiation is one of the main factors that spoil wine, so a UV-protected glass door protects your wine from harmful UV rays.



Samsung's innovative ovens help you do more in the kitchen. Unique Dual Cook™ technology allows you to easily cook two dishes simultaneously at separate temperatures, while built-in steam cooking lets you cook healthier and more diverse meals. With a 5-year warranty, great cooking is guaranteed for years to come.

Dual Cook™ technology

Use the full 70L cavity or divide it into two separate temperature-controlled sections to cook any two dishes at the same time. You can also use just one half and save energy.


Steam cooking

Use steam cooking to easily prepare healthy food. The dishwasher-safe 12-litre capacity glass cover for the steam tray can also be used as a tray.


Energy saving

Rated AAA for energy efficiency, your Dual Cook™ oven heats up quickly and saves up to 25 percent energy when using only the upper cavity for smaller meals.


Cooker Hobs

Discover a better way to cook with a Samsung cooker hob. Our range includes induction hobs, ceramic hobs and gas hobs. Easy and precise controls help you to follow the recipe perfectly, and the keep warm function on selected models means you can make sure your food's ready to eat when you want it.

Multi-use zones

Multi-use zones can accommodate several dishes at once - even large platters and warmers. Now preparing for a party is much easier.


Keep warm functions

It's easy to keep your food at the perfect temperature with the useful keep warm function, which can keep your meal warm while you're busy with other things.


Sliding control

A convenient external LED display panel lets you control all functions easily. Simply touch it and slide your finger across to set the heating level.


Cooker Hoods

Samsung's versatile cooker hoods help keep your surroundings as fresh as possible. Active carbon filtering purifies the released air and removes unwanted cooking odours. You can also choose between ducted extraction or recirculation, making them ideal for any home.

Extraction or recirculation

Thanks to flexible design, you can choose between either ducted extraction or recirculation, making installation straightforward in compact living areas.


Carbon air filters

Active carbon filters purify the air which is released back into the room. The carbon traps bad odours from the air, so your kitchen is left smelling fresh.


Aluminium grease filters

The extractor mechanism lasts longer thanks to dishwasher-safe aluminium grease filters that protect the motor from fats in extracted air.



You've never experienced microwave cooking like this. With a Samsung microwave, it's easy to achieve the ideal power level and cooking time, making sure your dish is perfectly prepared. Innovative design means they're more durable and easier to clean than other microwaves.

Slim Fry™ technology

Crispy chips with only 1 tablespoon of oil. Fried food without a deep fryer? It's a reality with Slim Fry™ technology. By combining a grill with warm air circulation, food is cooked crispy inside and out.


Dough Proofing

Prepare fresh bread everyday with the Dough Proofing function. Or, healthy yogurt anytime of the day using the Fermentation mode.


Smart Multi-Sensor

Cook food with precision with the Smart Multi-Sensor, which reads a food's surface temperature to determine, when cooking is compete, eliminating over-or under-cooked meals.


Vacuum Cleaners

It's so much easier to keep your home clean with a Samsung vacuum cleaner. You can choose from a range of cylinder vacuum cleaners. The sophisticated technology featured in our cylinder vacuum cleaners ensures that they have powerful lasting suction and that they are easy to use.

Motion Sync Design™

The revolutionary Motion Sync Design™ with a swivel body makes sudden turns much easier. The big and hollow, cambered wheels, give smooth steady motion and increased stability, reducing the risk of tipping over.


CycloneForce Multi

CycloneForce Multi features fourteen inner chambers that create a multi cyclonic airflow. By perfectly separating dust particles, it prevents the filter from clogging to maintain powerful suction for a long time.


Detect and alert dust sensor

The Dust Sensor detects how dirty the floor is and alerts you if you need to keep cleaning. A red light signals the area is dirty, when the area is cleaned, the light becomes green, so you can clean with confidence.


Tumble Dryers

Samsung's tumble dryers combine fantastic drying performance with A++ energy efficiency thanks to innovative heatpump technology. With a fabric-friendly Diamond Drum design, an anti-crease function and a filter-clean alarm, they are designed to make your life easier. And with a free 5-year warranty, they will be making your life easier for years to come.

A++ energy efficiency

Heatpump technology offers a more efficient, cost-effective way to dry clothes. With an A++ energy rating, it uses refrigerant to optimise the heating and cooling of the air used in the drying process - so it consumes significantly less power.


Smart Check

The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using a smartphone App. Available on iPhones and Android devices.


Filter clean alarm

The Filter clean alarm provides a helpful reminder when it's time to clean the condenser filter, as it's easy to forget. And a sensor also checks that the condenser has been cleaned.


Benefits at a glance

  • Refrigeration

    • Water and ice dispenser
    • Flex Zone
    • Twin Cooling Plus™
    • Smart Divider
  • Washing Machines

    • ecobubble™ technology
    • 15 minute wash
    • Diamond Drum
  • Tumble Dryers

    • A++ energy efficiency
    • Smart Check
    • Filter clean alarm
  • Dishwashers

    • Storm Wash™
    • Third basket
    • Adjustable racks
  • Wine Coolers

    • Dual temperature zones
    • Humid environment
    • UV protection coating door
  • Ovens

    • Dual Cook™ technology
    • Steam cooking
    • Energy saving
  • Cooker Hobs

    • Multi-use zones
    • Keep warm functions
    • Sliding control
  • Cooker Hoods

    • Extraction or recirculation
    • Carbon air filters
    • Aluminium grease filters
  • Microwaves

    • Slim Fry™ technology
    • Dough Proofing
    • Smart Multi-Sensor
  • Vacuum Cleaners

    • Motion Sync Design™
    • CycloneForce Multi
    • Detect and alert dust sensor

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