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Samsung Electronics was incorporated in 1969 as Samsung Electronics Manufacturing, and was listed on the Korea Stock Exchange (KSE) on June 11th, 1975. In 1984, the company was renamed as Samsung Electronics.

The Company's foreign currency denominated long term corporate bonds are rated annually by renowned international credit rating agencies. Currently, the company's credit rating is equal to or higher than the sovereign nation's credit rating. Moody's has maintained an A1 rating since July 15, 2005, while S&P has maintained an A rating on the Company since January 25, 2006.

In 2001, the three largest certified local credit rating agencies have all granted the Company with a credit rating of AAA, and the Company has not been rated by a local credit rating agency ever since. The details are as follows:

* Click the "current rating" of the following table to check the changes in each credit rating agency's rating of the Company.

Credit rating agency Current Rating
Local Korea Ratings AAA
Korea Investors Service AAA
International Moody's A1

Samsung Electronics has three business units - CE (Consumer Electronics, Set), IM (IT & Mobile Communications, Set) and DS (Device Solutions, Component), which are again divided into businesses as follows:

    - CE (Consumer Electronics) : Visual Display, Digital Appliances, Printing Solutions, Health & Medical Equipment
    - IM (IT & Mobile Communications) : Mobile Communications, Networks, Digital Imaging, Media Solution Center
    - DS (Device Solutions) : Memory, System LSI, LED

Samsung Electronics' BoD is comprised of seven directors, four of whom are independent directors. The table below (also shown in the CG section of the IR website) shows the details of each member.

Title Name Responsibility
Vice Chairman & CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon Chairman of BOD / Head of Device Solutions Business
President Jong-Kyun Shin Head of IT & Mobile Communications Business
President Boo-Keun Yoon Head of Consumer Electronics Business
President Sang-Hoon Lee CFO / Overall management support
Independent Director Eun-Mee Kim Independent director recommendation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Han-Joong Kim Audit scommittee, Related party transactions committee, Independent director recommendation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Kwang-Soo Song Audit scommittee, Related party transactions committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director Byeong-Gi Lee Independent director recommendation committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee
Independent Director In-Ho Lee Audit scommittee, Related party transactions committee, Compensation committee, CSR committee

Stock / Dividend

Seoul, London, and Luxemburg (we have no plans to list Samsung stocks on any other exchanges at this time).

Original Shares (Seoul) GDR
Listed Exchanges Common Preferred Common Preferred
Seoul 5930 5935 - -
London - - SMSN N/A
Luxemburg - - N/A SAMDR

For information regarding Depositary Receipts (NOT the over-the-counter or OTC -related tickers representing the Korean shares), please contact Citibank, N.A. - DR Shareholder Services at 877-248-4237 (U.S.) or e-mail :

Stock/ticker symbols besides the ones listed above (SMSN, SMSD, SAMDR, 005930, and 005935) are over-the-counter or OTC related tickers. For OTC tickers or related matters, please contact your broker. These listings are not managed by our depositary bank.

As of December 31, 2009, the total number of common shares outstanding is 147,299,337 while the number of preferred shares outstanding is 22,833,427. The number of shares may change due to various reasons, including our share buybacks. The stock information section of the IR website shows the latest information.

The dividend payment period is decided by the BoD. Typically, dividends are paid twice a year (at the end of June and December). For historical data, please refer to the table in Samsung's dividend and share buyback history as shown below.

The table below shows the "Dividend Payment History" for the past five years. The dividends section of the IR website shows the latest information.

(Unit : Million KRW)
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
net income 74,250 55,259 96,495 161,465 137,590 238,453
payout ratio 15.8% 14.6% 12.3% 9.3% 6.0% 5.1%
dividend per share
common 8,000 5,500 8,000 10,000 5,500 8,000
preferred 8,050 5,550 8,050 10,050 5,550 8,050
total payout common 10,113 6,987 10,256 12,970 7,170 10,467
preferred 1,598 1,102 1,598 1,995 1,102 1,598
total 11,711 8,089 11,854 14,965 8,272 12,066

We pay dividends in Korean currency through the Korean Securities Depository which transfers the dividend in U.S. dollars to Citigroup in New York, which then distributes the dividend in U.S. dollars to the investors.


It is located in the Financial Information section of our IR Homepage.

Samsung Electronics' fiscal year is equivalent to its calendar year. Typically, our 1Q earnings release is in April, 2Q in July, 3Q in October, and 4Q in January of the following year. For historical earnings release dates as well as upcoming events, please refer to our IR events & presentations section.