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50th Annual
General Meeting

March 20, 2019, 9:00 a.m. KST
Multifunctional Hall (5F), Samsung Electronics Building

There were 4,257,867,141 shares present at the 50th Annual General Shareholders Meeting

The 50th Annual General Shareholders' Meeting voting result
Agenda Approval rate
No.1 Approval of Audited Financial Statements and Annual Dividends (FY2018) 99.5%
No.2 Election of Directors  
No.2-1 Appointment of Independent Directors  
No.2-1-1 Dr. Jae Wan Bahk 71.4%
No.2-1-2 Mr. Han Jo Kim 99.0%
No.2-1-3 Dr. Curie Ahn 98.8%
No.2-2 Appointment of Audit Committee Member  
No.2-2-1 Dr. Jae Wan Bahk 72.0%
No.2-2-2 Mr. Han Jo Kim 98.8%
No.3 Approval of Director Remuneration Limit (FY2019) 99.3%
※ Shares present: Total number of the common shares with voting rights represented at the opening of the Meeting. (Agenda No.1 basis)
(The number of common shares with voting rights for each resolution item at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders' may change according to relevant laws and regulations which may result in different numbers of voting shares available for each resolution.)