Global Code of Conduct

We adhere to the Global Code of Conduct


Samsung Electronics aims to be a ‘world leading company’, devoting our human resources and technology to create superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.

To achieve this goal, we share and pursue Samsung Values of 『People, Excellence, Change, Integrity, Co-prosperity』, and the 7 Factors of a World Leading Company of 『Dream, Vision & Goal, Creativity & Challenge, Insight & Good Sense, Technology & Information, Trust & Credibility, Speed & Velocity, Change & Innovation』 within the organization.

Furthermore, all Samsung Electronics employees should follow this「Global Code of Conduct」 as well as the Samsung Business Principles in order to comply with laws and ethical practices as well as to express our concrete commitment to social responsibility. This 「Global Code of Conduct」will be the guiding standard for everyone in Samsung Electronics, outlining standards of conduct in all business activities.

  • We endeavor, with a sense of urgent awareness that we cannot survive without innovation, to achieve future competitiveness by responding Speedily to the changes in the business environment and customer demand, and to maintain a sustained commitment to Change & Innovation based on our Dream, Vision & Goal.
  • We cultivate Creativity & Challenge, acknowledging that future competitiveness depends on the development of Technology & Information ahead of competitors.
  • We aspire to become qualified experts in our field with Insight to foresee the future, and the Good Sense to identify and take advantage of opportunities.
  • We create an open culture where employees are encouraged to make decisions and act proactively with a sense of ownership, based on the mutual respect of individuality and Trust & Credibility.
  • We pursue co-prosperity by maintaining relationships of Trust with shareholders and business partners, and facilitating sound management through mutual cooperation.

※ Code of Conduct Coverage : The Code of Conduct applies to all Samsung Electronics' employees (domestic/overseas), suppliers, and all staff employed by the subsidiaries of Samsung Electronics.



Over the years, expectations from various entities - including NGOs, governments, customers, shareholders, suppliers and employees - have grown along with our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen. In this spirit, Samsung Electronics has updated and revised the 'Business Conduct Guidelines' (published for the first time in 2015) that provide a specific direction for sustainable management, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure responsible management, by creating a list of commitments from all executives and employees.