Classroom Printing Simplified, with Google Cloud Print and Samsung

Whether they’re using Chromebooks or tablets, teachers and students can print to their Samsung Printers and MFPs with ease. Students don’t have to miss coursework and homework.


With Samsung’s Google Cloud Print ready printers and MFPs, the cloud printing experience is ready right out of the box. It’s easy to register the printer directly with Google’s servers, so they’re always available. And because they’re connected to the web, Google Cloud printers also have the advantage of keeping their drivers and firmware up to date without your attention.


The easy access of cloud printing may raise security concerns. However, by using secure transmission protocols, you can be confident that your documents remain private. After a cloud print job is completed, the associated temporary print file is deleted from Google’s servers. You can manage all aspects of your print jobs, including deleting jobs and their history, from the Google Cloud Print management page.


Google Cloud Print allows you to share printers with students, teachers, and administrators as easily as you would share a web page. You can easily share your Samsung printers or MFPs with trusted individuals by simply sending them a link to the device. Monitor print jobs on shared printers and easily remove sharing rights to individuals at any time.


The classroom of tomorrow requires the printers of tomorrow. Teacher and students using smart devices in the classroom – such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Samsung Chromebooks – can now print to their Samsung Printers and MFPs wherever they are. You can print from any location to any location. Teachers can print their coursework from home, ensuring it’s ready for them the next day, and students can print their homework directly to their teacher’s desk. The possibilities are endless with Google Cloud Print and Samsung.

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