Award-winning enterprise storage

Samsung enterprise SSDs are proven to deliver performance, reliability and security, achieving the 2016 Storage Solutions Gold Winner placement from IT World Awards®. Built entirely from Samsung components, we’ll leverage our extensive OEM expertise to meet your specific business needs.

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Enterprise SSDs to handle every enterprise data need

Efficiently manage your enterprise data storage needs no matter what your business demands. Our drives deliver large capacity, high speed, 24/7 endurance, more power with less energy and end-to-end security to optimize performance for data-intensive organizations.

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PM863a SSDs for read-intensive enterprise applications

With 3-bit V-NAND these drives deliver exceptional 24/7 around the clock performance for your data center and server storage needs, focused on read-intensive applications such as streaming services, content delivery networks, web servers and cloud services.

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SM863 SSDs for write-intensive enterprise applications

With 2-bit V-NAND these drives are an ideal storage solution for write-intensive applications such as mail servers, data warehousing and high performance computing, providing high endurance for 24/7 around the clock operations.

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IT World Awards® Gold Winner

Samsung’s new PM863a Series SSDs build on the award-winning design of the PM863, which received the 2016 Gold Winner in Best Product and Services for the Storage Solutions category from IT World Awards®.

Proprietary breakthrough V-NAND flash technology

Samsung's V-NAND (Vertical-NAND) flash memory stacks cell layers vertically over one another in a three-dimensional structure, rather than trying to decrease the cells' length and width to fit onto a fixed horizontal space. This achieves higher quality and a greater scalable capacity compared to conventional planar NAND architecture, to meet your current and future enterprise data storage demands.

3-Bit & 2-Bit V-NAND for specific enterprise applications

Learn more about our PM863a SSDs’ 3-bit V-NAND technology for read-intensive enterprise applications and SM863 SSDs’ 2-bit V-NAND for write-intensive enterprise applications.

Enterprise storage insights

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