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  • [Support News] Samsung announces Faster Repair Times for Valued Customers

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, May 15, 2014 — Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced even faster repair times for its customers, through a range of new initiatives, thereby further enhancing the user experience of Samsung technology A new agreement with select DionWired stores with mobile devices (pho...

    May 16, 2014

  • [Support News] Microsoft (four) Windows XP End of Support Information

    Microsoft announced that it would cease to provide technical support for Windows XP starting on 8 April 2014. Accordingly, Microsoft will no longer release Windows XP Updates after 8 April 2014 and limit its services to previously released patches and updates only. To counter security vulnerabilities tha...

    Feb 28, 2014

  • [Support News] Free Exchange Program for Travel Adapter by Precautionary Principle

    Samsung Electronics Africa is initiating a voluntary exchange program for certain travel adapters with the model number ATADU10EBE, manufactured by RF Tech. No safety incidents of the travel adapter have been reported up to date and no safety concerns were identified during our thorough quality tests. Howev...

    Feb 24, 2014

  • [Mobile Phone] AllShare Play is now Samsung Link

    AllShare Play is now Samsung Link. Like AllShare Play, Samsung Link allows you to play and manage content that is saved in various devices, such as your smart phone, PC, and tablet. You can still use your devices and storage services registered in AllShare Play. Plus, there are new features for you in Samsu...

    May 14, 2013

  • [Support News] New Samsung Smart Care Service centers

    Samsung Electronics South Africa officially opened its innovative, premium Smart Care Centre in Johannesburg. Offering consumers an easily accessible same-day walk-in carry-in service across a wide of range products, as well as an in-home service offering for larger appliances, such as TV’s and Home Appliance...

    May 14, 2013

  • [Support News] SA Series LED Monitor Quality Improvement Announcement

    Samsung has released a firmware update for Samsung SA series LED Monitors. This firmware update is for improved performance (better picture quality and PC compatibility). If your monitor is one of these models, Samsung recommends that you download and install the latest firmware update specifically designed ...

    Apr 20, 2012

  • [Support News] Samsung Remote Screen Unlock

    You can unlock Pattern lock / Pin password and password in your phone. 1. Create Samsung Account in your phone. Menu > Setting > Account & Sync > Samsung Account 2. Connect and control your device remotely. * Supported models can be changed without notice GT-P7320 GT-P6200 GT-P6800 GT...

    Feb 27, 2012