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Important Tips and Tricks
for Your Home Office

Tips and tricks for setting up your home office.

In order to work from home effectively, it’s important to think about how to keep up your concentration over long periods.

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Home office tip: workplace design

Setting up a good workspace requires a lot of thought. It can’t be too restrictive, you need to ensure you have plenty of daylight to work by. It’s best to position your screen at a 90° angle to the window, to avoid the reflection of the light while protecting your eyes. Monitor models such as The Space Monitor are perfect for small spaces.

Thanks to the adjustable hinge, the monitor can be positioned as high or low as you wish. If you are used to working with two documents on two monitors, a Curved Monitor with a 32:9 ratio would be ideal. This aspect allows you to retain full view of two documents at once.

A good height-adjustable work chair is important to maintain the correct posture and avoid neck and back pain.

If you have a high sideboard in your home, try putting your laptop there from time to time and working standing up.

Design your workspace with things that motivate and have a positive influence on you. These could be photos of your children, your girlfriend/boyfriend or your cat/dog.

It’s important to tidy your workspace at the end of the day so you can start fresh and tidy the next morning.

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Home office tip: minimize distractions

When working from home, it’s all too easy to get sucked into distractions. It’s important to minimize these as much as possible. That means that everything that doesn’t belong on the desk has to go.

To prevent external noise interfering with your workflow, there’s nothing better than your favourite playlist. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer listening to techno or the charts, the main thing is that your music helps you stay focussed. The Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ offer clear and powerful sound. And they don’t sacrifice a large portion of your workspace. Thanks to the integrated microphone in the small in-ear headphones you can make hands-free calls and keep taking those all-important notes.

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Home office tip: keep fixed working hours

Working at home is a challenge. You either have a million things to do at once or you get into a good rhythm and then time runs away with you. It’s all too easy to forget the important things. Time with your family, for yourself and for moving around are vital for your mental health. So make sure you plan plenty of breaks. Take time out for yourself and ensure you have fixed time slots in place that are exclusively for your family or loved ones (including pets).

Smartwatches such as the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Watch Active2 help you to move regularly by reminding you when it’s time to stretch or exercise after long periods of inactivity.

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Home office tip: get out of your pyjamas

Structure your day. Create routines for yourself and try to follow the same rituals you would if you were going to work. Of course, having a proper breakfast is important. But you should also get ready as if you were going to work. So get out of your pyjamas and at the very least into a pair of comfy jeans.

If you’re working with post-it notes or to-do lists, there is a variety of digital assistants to help give you a clear view of your tasks. The Bixby-App is one of them.


Home office tip: take regular breaks

Not everyone is used to working from home. For lots of people, the lack of social contact with friends and colleagues can be jarring. Regular contact is vital, not just for ensuring your projects are executed on time but also for maintaining your social normalcy. So make sure you schedule this in. Exchange ideas, share experiences of home working or even stop in for a virtual coffee. Your colleagues will be grateful for this and it will do you some good.

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Home office tip: don’t forget to back up your data

Your home office might not be as secure as your emplyer’s. To make sure you don’t lose valuable work and time, we recommend that you regularly back up your data. The fastest, easiest and safest method for this is an external hard drive, such as the Portable SSD T7 Touch. Simply connect and transfer to free up space on your laptop. If you’re especially tech-savvy, you could expand your computer or laptop with a built-in {2} to speed it up.

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