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Smarter Workouts

making technology work for you and your personal fitness goals.

When summer is in full effect , your health goals may be top of mind. If you want to maximize every minute of your summer and ensure your gym time goes towards that beach bod, here are tips on how your devices can make every workout count.


All about that base

Whether you’re a beginner or a gym rat, know your current fitness level before you set benchmarks. Establishing your base-level will help you set realistic goals and lower the risk of injury. Try tracking your steps for a day or seeing how fast you can run a certain distance and go from there.


Follow your heart

Cheesy proverbs aside, keeping a tab on your heart can be one of the more beneficial things you do for yourself. Your heartrate is the best telltale sign of your physical condition, so listen closely. By gauging the amount of effort needed for a particular set of movements, tracking your heart rate will help you measure your cardiovascular improvements throughout your fitness journey.

Samsung Health
Samsung Health tracks your activity, nutrition and sleep, and delivers insights based on your progress.

Go on the record

You can’t improve on movements or speed if you don’t log your numbers. While it’s important to keep a record of your progress with every type of exercise you do, why give yourself one more thing to remember? Apps like Samsung Health do all the work for you to measure improvements. All you have to do is plug in the numbers.


Make your devices do the heavy lifting

Look, you made it through the hardest part which is getting to class. Now let your devices take it from here. Smartphones and watches, like the Samsung Gear Sport, will conveniently remind you when to take a walk around the office or push yourself harder in that last interval.


If all else fails, ditch the gym

This one seems like a no brainer but it’s still relevant. Exercising in the elements trains your body to adapt to the environment, whether it be cross-terrain, wind-resistance or temperature. Also, studies have shown that exercising outdoors improves overall feelings of revitalization and increased energy.

Kick it into gear

Here are a few tools that can help you tackle your fitness goals.

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