5G Forum Virtual

May 6-7, 2020

An image of the 5G Forum Virtual Logo.

The 5G FORUM is the first multidisciplinary meeting on 5G technology to be held in Spain. The 5G FORUM annually puts the advances of 5G technology on the stage, constituting an opportunity to exchange knowledge of the practical applications of this technology.

The topics that will be discussed during the two day event include :

5G Deployment, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Connected Cars, Health and Telemedicine Emergency Services, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Smart Tourism, University Projects

Samsung is the main sponsor of the 5G FORUM. We will contribute with a keynote entitled “5G, a success that keeps delivering innovation” where we will present the status of 5G globally, study the Korean case, where 5G development is very quick and discuss upcoming innovations and how these will impact the industry.

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