Quality & Performance

Jump Start 5G Deployment
with Optimized Performance

Samsung’s base station modem line-up provides the high capacity, low latency and massive connectivity required for 5G.
mmWave RFIC and DAFE (Digital Analog Front End) chipsets reduce the size, weight and power consumption of 5G base stations. By creating chipsets in-house, we are able to fine-tune the software specifications included in the chipsets and develop our products on schedule without any delay.

Different Modems for Different Needs

Samsung has developed two types of modems for 5G base stations. The first modem helps a smooth LTE migration and introduction of 5G NR. It supports both 4G and 5G to enable backward compatibility with previous LTE products while supporting the latest Massive MIMO and 5G standards. The new modem is placed in expandable channel cards and has been developed to be deployed in environments with high capacity requirements. The second modem has been developed based on years of research experience in the mmWave spectrum. The modem supports high performance but runs on low power and is optimal for compact mmWave base stations.

Low Power RFICs for
Diverse mmWave Frequencies

Samsung’s RFIC can operate in ultra wide bandwidths for diverse mmWave frequencies allocated for 5G (24/26/28/39/42/47GHz) and have excellent transmit and receive performances with low power consumption that is superior to most solutions available on the market. This is achieved by adopting an advanced RF CMOS technology - an aggressive power amplifier linearization technique - and an optimal RF architecture for large scale phased array systems. These features help us to deliver small-sized and highly integrated 5G mmWave base station solutions without the need of an active cooling system.

Efficient DAFE Chipset

Samsung’s DAFE chipset converts digital and analog signals for ultra wideband 5G communications. The size, weight, and power consumption of 5G base stations have been reduced by 25% from the previous FPGA version DAFE to the current SoC version.

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