Indoor Solutions

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Indoor Solutions

Extend your boundary towards
better indoor 5G experience

Limitless 5G experience
with Samsung’s
indoor solutions, Link

5G is rapidly gathering momentum across the globe with service providers swiftly rolling out macro networks to expand coverage, and subscribers now expect strong, universal 5G service for both outdoors and indoors. This calls for dedicated indoor 5G service that can assure a smooth and continuous 5G user experience inside buildings. Samsung’s indoor product portfolio covers all frequency bands from mmWave to mid/low-band spectrum and provides diverse options.

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Compact yet powerful
all-in-one solution

Samsung's Link Cell supports strong 5G performance in the mmWave spectrum. As the product has integrated baseband, radio and antenna into a single product,
it doesn’t need expensive, large bandwidth cables that the mmWave spectrum usually requires. Instead, the product can operate with a single Ethernet (Cat.6) cable as a backhaul. Despite its small form factor, Samsung's Link Cell provides Gbps data throughput and is suitable for hotspots such as smart factories, where high capacity and low latency are a necessity.

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Indoor 5G service accelerator

Samsung's Link HubPro provides scalable indoor deployment for both LTE and 5G. The solution is comprised of the indoor radio and hub connected through PoE which enables easier installation as the indoor radio doesn’t require extra power cables. Moreover operators can design the number of indoor radios and hubs to be linked. Furthermore, the multiple indoor radios can act as single cell to widen 5G coverage, and later they can be used as individual cells to secure performance and coverage for hotspot areas. Therefore Link HubPro can be a coverage expansion solution for large venues such as office buildings or subway stations at early deployment stage and later a capacity solution to adapt increasing traffic demands.

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Fast and easy
to 5G

Samsung's Link Hub is a kind of a radio supporting both LTE and 5G and connects to passive antennas. If a building already has an existing DAS system, service providers can easily upgrade their indoor network to 5G and reuse legacy cables to save both time and cost.

Image describing Passive Antenna, Radio Interface unit.
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Unlocking possibilities
for boundless
5G experience

With these 3 different types of solution, Samsung can support diverse operator needs, including those dictated by their frequency licenses and building environments.
While utilizing operators’ resource efficiently, the solution will also provide better 5G experience and open up new and advanced services.