An illustrative image of the key products in Samsung's Radio product lineup.

Ready, Set, Go for
5G Networks Everywhere

Universal Support for 5G Commercial Strategies

Expanding network coverage will be one of the key concerns for operators with the advent of 5G.
Samsung’s complete radio portfolio can facilitate a fast and smooth 5G deployment.
Samsung’s radio solutions provide a wide range of products that support various frequencies, output powers and antenna configurations.

Incredible Speeds and Capacity
from mmWave 5G

Samsung’s newly developed 5G mmWave radios are powered by in-house chipsets, RFICs and DAFE ASICs. The RFICs enable ultra-wideband support throughout the entire mmWave spectrum, including 24/26/28/39/42/47GHz. The DAFE ASIC enables digital and analog signal conversion and through our advancements in antenna and amplifier miniaturization, the size, weight, and power consumption of radios are reduced by 25% compared to a FPGA based module. Because the mmWave radios are so small and designed to be less obtrusive, they can be installed on street lamps or utility poles and fit into the surrounding environment. Depending on deployment situations, the 4T4R radios can be used for general coverage in dense and high capacity areas while 2T2R radios, supporting 360-degree coverage, can be used, for example, at street intersections to fill coverage holes or support data offloading.

An illustrative image of the 4T4R and 2T2R radios for mmWave spectrum with RFICs.

5G Deployment at
Midband Spectrum

New 5G frequencies in the below 6GHz spectrum (3.5GHz~4.5GHz) will be fully supported by Samsung’s radios. In particular, 8T8R 5G NR 3.5GHz radios are already available and are being deployed in Korea for operators’ commercial 5G NR networks. The 8T8R radios support flexible output paths and can support one 8T8R cell, two 4T4R cells or four 2T2R cells depending on deployment scenarios, so operators won’t have to physically install two or four radios and can save installation, operation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the Midband spectrum includes the CBRS frequency band that enterprises and governments leverage for diverse 5G services. Samsung’s 4T4R CBRS Radio is easy to install to support quick utilization of the said frequency and is a secure product certified by the OnGo Alliance.

8T8R Radio

4T4R CBRS Radio

* 4T4R CBRS Radio certified
by the OnGo alliance

An illustrative image of the 8T8R Radio Unit against a landscape of the modern city to illustrate its flexible operation that supports 8T8R cell, or two 4T4R cells.

Future-proof Solutions with
Simultaneous LTE-5G Operations

Samsung’s solution enables a gradual and smooth migration to 5G through software feature upgrades in frequencies that are currently being used for LTE while keeping the existing hardware. For example, the 8T8R radio can operate in a split mode, to be used to support a 4T4R LTE cell and a 4T4R 5G cell simultaneously. The dual band radio, which supports two carriers in one unit, can also support flexible LTE/5G simultaneous operation with one carrier supporting LTE and the other 5G. Dynamic Spectrum Sharing(DSS) will give more room for operators to adjust between LTE and 5G by operating the two technologies in the same frequency and dynamically switching between the two technologies depending on traffic.

An illustrative image of the 4T4R Radio Unit's flexible and simulteneous LTE/5G operation.

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