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Virtualized RAN

Smarter everyday, Samsung vRAN

Samsung’s cloud native, fully virtualized RAN (vRAN) liberates operators from static hardware bound networks and offers them a path to enable flexible software centric networks. By embracing this new approach, operators can take advantage of several IT benefits, including efficient management, flexible network architecture and scalable rollouts, just to name a few. Network virtualization is an inevitable next step for those looking to build next-generation networks. In order to efficiently respond to the ever-changing service requirements and complexities of the 5G era, networks now need to be ready anytime and anywhere. Samsung’s vRAN provides the agility and flexibility needed to meet any network configuration and service demand required by operators. It enables convenient management so that operator networks maintain ideal quality and serve as a guide as they start their journey to transform to a complete cloud native environment. In addition, Samsung's vRAN ensures the most optimized energy management through intelligent operation in today’s world, with a heightened focus on sustainability.

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Customer-centric approach

  • Frequency

    With 5G, the mid-band spectrum is widely seen as a critical frequency band, supporting high data capacity with wide bandwidths. Since this requires significantly higher computing resources than existing low-band spectrum, vRAN’s accelerators can effectively cope with this. Samsung provides HW accelerators that follow two mainstreams, both in-line and look-aside accelerator. These accelerators can successfully take care of advanced L1 processing that accompanies wide bandwidth support.

  • Platform

    Based on extensive collaboration with various players in the industry, Samsung is building strong partnerships in various sectors to advance vRAN. Samsung's vRAN operates on any server, container platform, as well as any public cloud service environment. This offers operators the freedom to choose their preferred environment to build the best network possible.

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  • Multi-generation

    Samsung's vRAN not only supports multiple generations of technologies but it simultaneously supports 5G, 4G, and 2G through a single platform. As such, operators can promptly turn on multiple technologies with Samsung’s vRAN or have a path to effectively upgrade existing legacy systems.

    >> MWC 2023 Intel collaboration (video)

Energy-intelligent solution

According to the latest research* on the energy consumption in the mobile network, 87% of consumption happens in the RAN. Operating the network in an energy efficient manner in line with traffic trends is crucial, not only to lower operating costs but also to realize a sustainable and environmentally friendly network.

Samsung's vRAN facilitates Energy Saving Manager (ESM), which enables multiple energy-saving features in one platform, improving energy efficiency by automatically analyzing hourly traffic patterns and optimizing operating conditions of each network elements, per sector and in specific time zones.

In addition, Samsung enables efficient functions such as flexible CPU core operation and AI-based cell on/off by adjusting base station modes based on real-time network traffic.
Samsung is committed to building a sustainable future.

* Source : GSMA intelligence, ‘Going green: benchmarking the energy efficiency of mobile networks (2nd edition)’ (2023 Feb.)

vRAN fosters automation

Samsung and Verizon Charge Ahead with vRAN

Samsung Cloud Orchestrator (SCO) streamlines the deployment, onboarding and operation processes, making it easier for operators to manage hundreds to thousands of cell sites with a unified platform. SCO supports automated vRAN deployments for both private and public clouds, enabling network services to be provisioned across multiple cloud environments. This multi-cloud capability offers a highly flexible scaling option for operators, tailored for various deployment scenarios.

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Samsung is the global vRAN leader

The transition to true vRAN is a long and imperative journey. Although many parts of the direction and development have been shaped at this point, there are still many areas to be established and realized.

When embarking on a vRAN journey, it is important to collaborate with partners that have extensive real-world experience in providing the best solutions in various environments and conditions. Samsung is the only vendor that has built large-scale vRAN networks with global leading operators. We ensure excellence and stability while efficiently tackling various challenges facing operators throughout the process.

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