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Chairman of Board Message

We wish you and your family good luck and happiness in the year of 2017

Chairman of Board Message

To Our
Valued Shareholders

First, I would like to thank you for your support at the Annual General Meeting and the opportunity to serve as the Chairman of the Board of Samsung Electronics.

Backed by your trust and the tireless efforts of our executives and employees, we achieved record-high earnings in 2017 and continued to improve shareholder returns. However, uncertainties in the global economy remain high and rapid advancements in areas such as AI, IoT, autonomous vehicles, and big data are shifting the paradigm in the IT industry. I feel a great responsibility in taking the position of Chairman during this critical time.

I have previously served as a Director for Samsung Electronics, and my time in Harman’s boardroom provided me with invaluable insight into operations of the Board of Directors at a US-based global firm. Working together with our Independent Directors, I will use my knowledge and experience to strengthen the Board’s oversight of management decisions.

To this end, the Board will monitor each business division’s management goals,
investment plans, and pursuit and development of new growth drivers,
and ensure performance and rewards are evaluated objectively.

Also, I will provide our Independent Directors with resources
that will enable a deeper understanding of the Company
and more active participation in the Board’s decision making.

Along with efforts to improve corporate governance
and increase shareholder value, the Board will focus more attention
on corporate social responsibility, including areas concerning labor
and human rights and the protection of our environment.

Finally, the separation of Chairman and CEO allows me to devote more time
and effort to engaging with you, our shareholders,
and conveying your opinions to the Board. In turn,
this will enhance the Board’s ability to represent shareholder interests.

Once again, thank you for approving me as Chairman of the Board,
and I look forward to your continued support of and interest
in Samsung Electronics.

Thank you.

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Sang-hoon LeeChairman of BoardSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd