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Tech for All

We at Samsung Electronics want to provide all our customers with a
better digital life that goes beyond simple convenience. Our aim is to
provide inclusive products and services that take into account various
environments and conditions.


A better experience for all

We strive to incorporate technological innovation so that all our customers can enjoy using our products and services.

Creating Better
Pathways for All

We see and create with diverse
perspectives for meaningful change
We offer equitable ways to experience
the best of our products and services
We invest in building an inclusive
and process to create
experiences that
benefit all

Introducing Our
Accessibility Vision

  • Accessibility Council

    Our Accessibility Council serves as a platform to bring together planners, designers, and developers of different organizational units to work on improving accessibility for all customers using our products and services. The Council’s main focus areas are enhancing usability for customers with disabilities and advancing technological competitiveness.

Winning awards for accessibility

    • Six-time winner of the CES Innovation Award for the category of accessibility
      (2015~2018, 2021, 2023)
    • Two-time winner of the CES Best of Innovation Award in TV
      (2016, 2021)

    *CES: Consumer
    Electronics Show

    • TV, Winner of U.K.’s RNIB Inclusive Society Award
    • Attained U.K.’s RNIB Tried and Tested Accreditation
      (2020-2022, 2022-2024)

    * RNIB: Royal National
    Institute of Blind People

    • Mobile accredited for accessibility certification by ONCE* Foundation
      (May 2021-April 2026)
    • TV accredited for accessibility certification two times in a row by ONCE* Foundation
      (May 2021-July 2026)

    * ONCE: Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles

    • TV, selected as Best Accessibility Product by Which* in the UK

    * Which: UK non-profit consumer federation magazine
    ** Selected Products: Neo QLED(QE65QN85B), OLED(QE55S95B)

    • Mobile awarded Thailand’s TAB’s Honor Plaque

    * TAB: Thailand Association
    of the Blind

    • Selected as supplier for Korea Communications Commission’s project to distribute TVs for vision-impaired and hearing-impaired users
    • Winner of the Best of Best Ergonomic Design Award presented by the Ergonomics Society of Korea
      Bespoke Grande AI One Body Top Fit
    • Winner of the Universal Design Excellence Ergonomic Design Award presented by the Ergonomics Society of Korea
      Bespoke Jet™ AI
    • Grand Prix Winner of
      Design Award
      hosted by the
      Society of Korea
      Bespoke 1-Door Refrigerator
    • Winner of Best
      of Ergonomic Design
      hosted by the Ergonomics
      Society of Korea
      Bespoke Jet
    • Winner of Best Innovation of Ergonomic Design Award hosted by the Ergonomics Society of Korea
      Bespoke Jet Bot AI
      & Bespoke Qooker


Valuable personal data
protected with three principles

We collect personal information only when it is necessary and have been consistently seeking ways to provide industry-leading privacy protection solutions and enhance customer convenience based on data.

We work hard to act preemptively against risk factors using advanced security technologies that are engineered to provide customers with full control over personal information.

Your privacy. Secured.

Three principles for
protecting customers’
personal data

We transparently share the details on our collection and use of personal information.
All our products are designed to provide reliable services and securely protect users’ personal information.
We enable users to choose the type and extent of personal information to be collected, accessed, and shared.


Strong security that puts users at ease

We are working hard to build better security in a variety of ways in the face of increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. In addition, we will strive to strengthen the security ecosystem together with various stakeholders so that users can enjoy the digital environment more safely.

Four pillars of our cyber security control

  • Prevention & Hardening Our security system is built to
    stringent standards.
  • Detection We remain vigilant at all times.
  • Response We respond quickly and
  • Prediction We are ready for the future.
Learn more

Keeping it safe with
Samsung Knox

We are expanding Samsung Knox from smartphones, tablets and smart TVs to smart home appliances, IoT and 5G devices,
protecting devices step by step, from chipsets to operating systems (OS) and applications.

  • Samsung Knox’s
    security principles
    Learn more
  • Improved features in
    Samsung Knox Vault
    mobile security update
    Learn more

Improving our

  • Key activities for
    information security
    Learn more
  • Protecting core
    and customer data
    Learn more

AI Ethics

Smart artificial intelligence that
upholds ethical principles

We aim to create user-centered devices that are safe, helpful and continuously learning through AI technology, whenever and wherever they are used. We are guided by our management philosophy of “contributing to a better global society by designing superior products and services based on our talent and technologies.”

Open Innovation

Working together without limits

One company alone cannot change the world. That’s why we are making a difference through our collaborative 3P strategy
to pursue open source projects, secure talented people and operate a stable and systematic development process.

Our 3P strategy fosters
open source

Samsung Developer
Conference Korea
(SDC Korea)

The Samsung Open Source Conference, held every year since 2014, has been revamped as the Samsung Developer Conference Korea (SDC Korea).

SDC Korea gathers software developers worldwide to discuss and collaborate on research or innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, cloud computing, and big data. This forum for software technology exchange is centered on the themes of Learn, Share and Network, and is a place for collaboration among global software developers.

Under the themes of Learn, Share, and Network, Samsung Electronics and software developers have formed strong, lasting relationships over the course of more than 400 sessions attended by over 15,300 professionals as of 2023.

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