[Windows 8] Viewing the PC screen on a TV or external monitor using Wi-Di and HDMI.

Last Update Date : Apr 16. 2018

• Connecting a TV using Wi-Di.


For built-in Wi-Di adapter: Select “Intel WiDi” with a TV remote. For external Wi-Di adapter: Connect the TV and the Wi-Di adapter with a HDMI cable; select “HDMI” with your TV remote; install and update the wireless LAN driver and the “Wireless Display” program.

1 Run the SW Update program.
2 Click the “All Software” menu item.
3 Locate “Wireless LAN Driver” and click the “Install” button.
4 Complete the installation according to instructions on the screen, and click the “Update” menu item.
5 Locate “Wireless LAN Driver” and click the “Update” button.
6 Update according to instructions on the screen.
7 Click the “Update” menu item in SW Update.
8 Locate “Intel Wireless Display” and click the “Update” button.
9 Update according to instructions on the screen.

• Connecting a PC and a TV together

1 Double click the “Intel WiDi” icon on the desktop.
3 Select the TV to connect to among the items found and click “Connect.”
4 Enter on the PC the 8 digit number shown on the TV.

• Connecting an external monitor via HDMI

1 Connect a HDMI cable between the laptop and the monitor or a TV.
2 Click “Devices” in the charm bar.
3 Click “Second screen.”
4 Among “PC screen only,” “Duplicate,” “Extend,” and “Second screen only,” click the desired item.

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