Samsung Innovation Campus

The future will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
Both next-generation technologies are already reshaping the world we know today, presenting consumers, businesses, governments,
and societies with many valuable benefits – even impacting the way will interact with the next wave of social media and communication tools.
At Samsung, we are preparing for this new world and want to help you acquire the knowledge and tools to do the same.
Our e-learning course will cover the necessary content, tools and applications needed to place you ahead of the curve.
Enroll today to see how your future will unravel.
  • Eligibility
    18 - 35 years old
    Coding: Object-Oriented Language & syntax (e.g. Java, JavaScript, C++, etc.).
    Solid Foundation statistics and algebra
    Must complete application + admission quiz
  • Schedule
    Commencing date: 9 September 2022
    Completion date: 10 December 2022
  • Venue
    Online / University of Central Punjab, Lahore

Why this course?

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    This is a free course which focuses on both the theory and practice of AI - both machine and deep learning.
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    A seamless e-learning experience with a mixed format of live interactive sessions and working offline at your own pace.
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    You will be taught by a world class data science expert.
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    You will receive a certificate from the Samsung Innovation Campus upon passing the course.

Course highlights

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    Grasp the landscape of data science tools and their applications.
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    You will be able to learn AI modeling on a concrete foundation of mathematics and understand the basic concepts of probability, statistics, linear algebra, and python.
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    Our curriculum will help you to understand the use case of ML tools and real-world problem solving with various exercises and practical projects.
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    You will develop a fluid understanding of AI projects, gaining practical experience in the design, implementation, and results communication processes.