QLED 4K - Breathtaking Picture Quality QLED 4K - Breathtaking Picture Quality

Experience the content you love in its most vibrant form. With a billion colours and a powerful processor that constantly optimizes the scene, the QLED 4K elevates your viewing experience to breathtaking levels.

One billion shades of accurate colour

100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot

Quantum Dot Technology delivers our finest picture ever. With 100% Colour volume, Quantum Dot takes light and turns it into breathtaking colour that stays true at any level of brightness.

100% Colour volume measured to DCI-P3 standard, certified by VDE.

QLED 4K - 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot
QLED 4K - 100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot
Quantum Processor 4K

Powerful intelligence for perfection

Quantum Processor 4K

Samsung's powerful processor optimizes your picture to excellent viewing quality, improving all your content.

*Quantum Processor Lite 4K in Q60A

Quantum Processor 4K

Upgrade what you like to 4K

4K AI Upscaling*

4K AI Upscaling uses Samsung’s powerful Quantum Processor, automatically analyzing the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text. Now you can get 4K resolution images and sound, regardless of the source.

*In Q80A & Q70A only

QLED 4K - 4K AI Upscaling
QLED 4K - 4K AI Upscaling
Picture Quality

Surroundings change,
picture stays perfect

Adaptive Picture*

Actively adapts to the viewing environment by automatically adjusting the brightness. You can now experience a perfect picture, no matter what time of day or content you’re watching.

*In Q80A & Q70A only

Picture Quality

Picture quality that stands the test of time

No Screen Burn-in

Quantum dots are inorganic materials that provide consistently bright and vivid image quality for years. This means, the display dosen’t burn-out with time, and the amazing colours and details you see today will stay the same over time.

QLED 4K - No Screen Burn-in
Warranty Policy

Comparison for illustrative purpose only

Witness fine details in dark and light

Direct Full Array 8X*

Concentrated zones of precision-controlled backlights display ultra-deep blacks and pure whites. See the details come to life with bold contrast.

*For Q80A only.
Direct Full Array Numerical Index based on backlighting, antireflection and contrast enhancement technologies.

QLED 4K - Direct Full Array 20x
QLED 4K - Direct Full Array 20x
Quantum HDR 12X

Incredible detail, just as the director intended

Quantum HDR 12X*

Every nuance and detail comes to life with rich, accurate colour and deeper contrast. The dynamic tone mapping of HDR10+ shifts colour, contrast scene by scene, allowing you to appreciate even minor details.

*In Q80A only (50" has 8X)

Quantum HDR 12X

Brilliant colour from every view

Wide Viewing Angle*

Wide Viewing Angle lets you see brilliant colour from more angles with less colour distortion. Even when viewing from the side, you get the full picture every time.

*In Q80A only (except 50")

Image Angle

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