Displayed information codes on my dishwasher

Last Update date : Oct 20. 2020

If you see a code consisting of numbers and letters on your dishwasher's display, it means there is a problem with the dishwasher. Here's a reference list so that you can identify what the problem is and what steps are needed. If the information code on your dishwasher is not listed here, you can download a user manual specific to your model by going to the Manuals & Downloads page.

dishwasher indicator

Information codes


  • Leakage check

- Close the water supply valve. Go to your home's circuit breaker panel and set the dishwasher's circuit breaker switch to off. Then, contact the installer to repair.

4C, 4E

  • Water supply check

- Check if the water supply valve is closed.

- Check if the water supply is suspended.

- Check if the water inlet valve or line is frozen or clogged by foreign objects.

5C, 5E

Drain check

- Close the water supply valve. Check if the drain hose is clogged or folded. 

- Close the water supply valve. Check if the drain hole inside the pump is clogged.


High temperature heating check

- Functional check. With the dishwasher empty, add detergent, and the run a cycle.

- If the issue continues, go to your home's circuit breaker panel, and set the dishwasher's circuit breaker switch to off. Then, please contact a Samsung service center.

3C, 3E

Pump operation check

- Functional check. Turn off the dishwasher and restart.


Dividing valve check

- Displayed when the dividing valve is defective.


Communications between main and sub PBAs check

- Displayed when the circuit is open or the communication wiring is broken.

bC2, bE2

Button check

- Displayed by pressing any button for more than 30 seconds.

- Try to bounce the buttons with fingers. In case of a touch screen, wipe off any moisture or foreign objects with a dry towel.


  • If any information code keeps appearing on the screen, please contact a local Samsung service center.
  • If overflow occurs, turn off the main water supply before calling a service.
  • If there is water in the base pan because of an overfill or small leak, the water should be removed before restarting the dishwasher.
  • Only models with a digital display can display an information code as an actual code. Models without a display will use blinking lights instead. If your dishwasher is not operating normally and the lights are flashing, see our guide to interpret the code.

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