How to operate the remote control of Samsung AC?

Last Update date : Nov 22. 2022

Please follow the steps below on how to use the AC Remote Control:

  • Point the remote controller toward the remote controller receiver of the indoor unit.
  • When you properly press the button on the remote controller, you will hear a beep sound from the indoor unit and a transmit indicator appears on the remote controller display.

Please familiarize the AC Remote Control buttons:

How to operate the remote control of Samsung AC?

Note: In case you wish to cancel the options or settings that you have just set, press the Options or Settings button again, then the most recently selected item will blink and you may simply cancel it by pressing the SET button while the selected item is blinking.

The remote control display

Please note:

  • Make sure that the water does not get to the remote controller.
  • The following function is displayed on the remote controller display but is not supported in this model. - Heat (AR**HC/JC**)/Quiet/ Virus Doctor/ d'light Cool / Usage / Filter Reset / Display
  • When turning off and turning on the remote controller, the Timer, Options, and Settings set before turning off the remote controller are canceled. However, the fan direction does not change

When to change the battery?

When the battery is exhausted, No battery icon will be displayed in the remote controller display. When the icon appears, change the batteries. The remote controller requires two 1.5 V AAA-type batteries.

Where to store the remote control?

When you do not use the remote controller for a long time, remove the batteries from the remote controller and store it.

How to insert the batteries?

1. Push the lever as the arrow indicates on the rear side of the remote controller and pull up.

2. Insert two AAA batteries. Check and match the “+” and “-” signs accordingly. Make sure you have inserted the batteries in the correct position.

3. Close the cover by placing it back in its original position. You should hear a click sound when the cover is locked properly.

How to operate the remote control of Samsung AC?

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