What are the check points if the dishwasher will not start?

Last Update date : Sep 15. 2020

If the dishwasher would not start, do the following on your dishwasher device: 

  1. Verify the door is completely  closed and latched.
  2. Verify the child lock  function is not activated. If the child  lock  function is activated, the Child Lock icon is illuminated on the display panel.
child lock

3. Verify the need to press  firmly and directly on the center of the  button (touch type control panel). 


4. Verify if wash cycle was selected.

5. Verify if the water supply line is connected  and the water supply  valve is fully open.

     The dishwasher  must have water present to begin operation.

6. Verify the circuit breaker  has not been tripped. 

If all of the items above have been verified, but dishwasher will not start, service is required.

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