What should I do when my dryer does not work properly?

Last Update date : Sep 16. 2020

If the dryer doesn't work, check the following options. It is recommended to clean the filter and water bottle after every use of the dryer.

Check the basic options

  • Make sure the dryer door is closed properly.
  • Make sure the power cord is plugged into an active electrical outlet.
  • Check your circuit breakers and fuses.

Consider the drying capacity

When using it from washing to drying, it is good to put the laundry below the product-specific drying capacity. If you insert too much laundry, spinning will be restricted and not evenly dried, and you may have severe creasing of clothes. In addition, it is always recommended to use a standard drying course, which weighs the laundry and to determine recommended drying time.

Deactivate child lock

After child protection is enabled, only power button works. When setting the child protection function, the dryer door locks and the child protection light illuminates. The child protection light flashes when the button is not working, and the other button is operated. Once the child lock is activated, it will continue to operate even if the dryer is switched off and on again.

check the child lock on the control panel


  • The actual design of the control panel may differ from your model.
  • This image is just a sample in English but is available in the language of your country. 

How to open the door while the Child lock is turned on

  • If the dryer door is locked or the button is not working due to child lock settings, press and hold the + and - button for 3 seconds at the same time to set the pause (1 minute).
  • When the door is temporarily released, it will stay 1 minute and the child lock lamp flashes.
  • 1 minute after, a warning alert will be generated for 2 minutes.
  • If the door has closed during a 2 minute warning, the child lock function will set again. 

How to disable the Child lock completely

  • To disable the child lock completely, press the + and - button once more for 3 seconds during the temporary release timing.
  • Upon release, the door will unlock, and the child protection lamp will extinguish.

Note: The actual words (-, +) of the control panel may differ from your model.

Make sure the filter and water tank are not blocked

There are some sections of your dryer that need regular cleaning. Especially, it is recommended to clean the filter and tank every time you use it. Find the filter cleaning instructions below. 

check the cleaning parts on the dryer

Clean the lint filter after each load. If you use the dryer with a wet lint filter may cause mold, bad odors, or a decrease in drying performance. Therefore, clean and dry the lint filter after each load.

Step 1. Open the dryer door and pull the filter upwards to remove it. (Do not remove the rubber packing after removing the filter.)

Step 2. Open the external filter and remove the internal filter.

open the dryer filter upwards and remove the internal filter from the external filter

Step 3. Open the inner and outer filters, respectively.

Step 4. Remove the lint from each filter and the remaining dust from the filter with a brush.

open the inner filter and remove the lint from the filter

Note: Clean the filters in running water, and then dry them completely (if needed).

Step 5. Attach the clean filter to the external filter in the direction and slide it back into place.

attach the clean filter to the external filter and back into place

Note: Do not operate the dryer without the inner filter inside the outer filter. 

It is recommended to clean the heat exchanger at least once a month (or when the buzzer sounds and the heat exchanger indicator lights up on the display). It will improve the heat pump efficiency. To avoid physical injury and burns, do not touch or clean the heat exchanger with your bare hands. Also do not use water to clean the heat exchanger.

Step 1. Press the top part of the outer cover to open it.

open the outer cover of the heat exchanger

Step 2. Turn both fixers to unlock.

unlock the fixers

Step 3. Take out the inner cover.

take out the inner cover

Step 4. Clean the heat exchanger with the provided cleaning brush (or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.)

cleaning the filter with soft brush


  • Do not bend or damage the heat exchanger fins when cleaning.
  • This may lead to a decrease in drying performance.

Step 5. Clean the inner cover with a smooth, damp cloth.

cleaning the filter damp cloth

Step 6. Reinsert the inner cover. After that, screw in both fixers to lock the inner cover. 

reinsert the inner cover

Note: Make sure the fixers are locked completely. 

Step 7. Close the outer cover. 

close the cover door of the heat exchanger

Empty the water tank after each use to prevent leakage. Be aware that the water bottle is dedicated to the dry only model. 

Step 1. Please separate the water bottle from the drawer.

Step 2. Empty the water through the drain hole and slide the water bottle into place.

empty the water tank to prevent the leakage

Note: Be careful when taking out the bucket full of water.

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