When water is supplied, some kind of sound occurs.

Last Update date : Nov 22. 2022

When water is supplied, some kind of sound occurs, follow the checklist below:

1 Check 1. With the help of the mesh filter installed in the water supply valve of the back side of the washing machine, the micropollutant can be blocked from entering a washing tub. It can happen when foreign substances are found in the mesh filter. If that's the case, clean the mesh filter after separating a hose.
2 Check 2. It can happen if the water pressure is too strong or too weak. If that's the case, the sound can be minimized with the faucet gradually turned off or on. If it is supplied with spring water, the mesh filter can be easily dirtied so try to clean it once a week.
3 Check 3. Make sure that the shipping bolts are removed.
4 Check 4. Make sure your washing machine is on a level surface. If the surface is not level, adjust the washing machine feet to level the appliance.
5 Check 5. If the vibration of the drum is too extreme, verify that the machine is well balanced on the floor by pushing each edge of the machine to see if there is any movement which would mean that there is any space with the ground.
6 Check 6. It might be caused either by an unbalanced load of laundry, or some foreign substance.

The washing tub rotates at a quick speed during a spin cycle. If a load of laundry is small

(i.e. one or two pairs of jeans) or big (i.e. several blankets), the tub may become unbalanced 

to one side, giving rise to a bumping sound. Ensure that laundry is evenly distributed or add

or take out some of the laundries to fit the recommended amount of laundry.


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