Galaxy Note5: How to replace the S-pen nib?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

Note: The replacement nib and it's tweezer comes together with the box when you purchase the Galaxy Note 5.

1 If the nib is dull, replace it with a new one. Firmly hold the nib with the tweezers and remove it.
Galaxy Note5: How to replace the S-pen nib?
2 Insert a new nib into the S Pen.
Galaxy Note5: How to replace the S-pen nib?


Take note of the following important points:

1 Do not reuse the old nibs. Doing so may cause the S-pen to malfunction.
2 Do not press the nib excessively when inserting the nib into the S-Pen.
3 Do not insert the round end of the nib into the S-pen. Doing so may cause damage to the S-pen on your device.
4 If the S-pen is not working properly, take it to a Samsung Service Center.
5 If you use the S-pen at sharp angles on the screen, the device may not recognize the S-pen actions. Please do not bend or apply excessive pressure while holding it.
6 The recent key and the back key of the Note 5 responds to the S-pen.

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