How to perform a factory reset on your Galaxy phone

Last Update date : Nov 21. 2022

Are you sending your phone in for repair, or giving it to a friend or family member? If you need to wipe your phone's data for any reason, you can perform a factory reset. This feature will completely erase your personal information and data to make your phone a clean slate.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by the wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

Reset the device

Important: Please save any information you need prior to the factory reset because your personal information may not be recovered. If you have encrypted the microSD card, you must decrypt it before resetting the phone. Otherwise, your phone will not be able to read the data on the card. From Settings, search for and select Decrypt SD card, and then follow the on-screen prompts.

Before performing a factory reset,  back up your personal data, so you don't lose it all.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app, and then tap General management.

Step 2. Select Reset.

Step 3. Select Factory data reset, and then review the information.

Step 4. When you're ready, swipe to and tap Reset.

Step 5. Tap the Delete all button to continue with the reset and delete all information stored on your phone.

Step 6. From there, you will be required to enter your Samsung account's password if you have added a Samsung account to the phone. 


Step 7. Your phone will reset; when it turns back on, it will start from the initial setup screen.

Note: Device screenshots and menu may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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