How to configure file sharing?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

Given below are the different ways to configure file sharing on Samsung Blu-ray player:

■ AllShare Play

AllShare Play is now Samsung Link. Once AllShare Play is updated, the logo and application name will change to Samsung Link. You should use the same Samsung Account to access their pictures, videos, and documents previously stored on AllShare Play.

1 Make sure that the Blu-ray player is connected to the network and has internet access.
2 The customer should have a Samsung Account to share and play content across smart devices anytime, anywhere. If the customer does not have a Samsung Account, advise them to sign up for an account on the website:
3 Login to AllShare Play/Samsung link on the Blu-ray player.
4 Go to Home/Menu > AllShare Play. The contents are sorted by file type (Videos, Photos, Music).


• AllShare Play/Samsung Link enables users to access & play content saved on other devices over a wireless access point as well as over the internet. 

• The customer can access and play the content in their account but not save them on the Blu-ray player’s internal or external storage device. 

■ USB Flash Drive / External Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

File transfer can be done from an external storage device such as USB Flash Drive or External HDD to the Blu-ray player; however, file transfer from the Blu-ray player to an external storage device is not possible because of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

1 To transfer files to the Blu-ray player, go to Menu/Home > AllShare Play locate the file to be transferred under the subfolders.
2 Once the file is highlighted, press TOOLS in the remote control. A menu with the list of possible actions will appear on the right side of the screen.
3 Select Send to transfer the file. You will have the option to select multiple files to transfer. Use the Enter key on the remote control to check all the files to be transferred.
4 Once you have selected the files, click Send (for a single file) or Send All (for multiple files).
5 A window will appear asking where to send the file/s. Select HDD to transfer the file/s to the Blu-ray player’s internal storage.
6 A window will appear showing the progress of the file transfer. A confirmation message will appear once the transfer is complete.


DLNA is the function that allows you to access media contents such as videos, photos and music saved on devices such as mobile phones, PCs, etc., over a wireless access point or over the internet. 

In Samsung devices this function is in the AllShare Play / Samsung Link application. 

If you are trying to share files from non-Samsung devices to Samsung devices, DLNA should be used. 

The support that we can provide for such cases is limited. Please check whether your Samsung device/s are DLNA-compatible, then refer to the manufacturer of the other device/s.

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