Finding the Female Fashionista

High net worth and high heels, but low linear TV viewing.


A luxury fashion retailer wanted to reach high net worth female fashionistas through unskippable, large-screen creative that would drive in-store visits.


Why Samsung Ads

Proprietary ACR capabilities coupled with strategic third party integrations, enabled the Retailer to find the right audiences and reach them in Connected TV.


Targeting:  Fashion and Custom Women’s Network Targeting | $100k HHI

Ad Format: Connected TV (CTV) Video


Conversion rate among fashionistas exposed to advertising was 1.4%.

- 251K store visits influenced
- 20% of store visitors were exposed to advertising


About Samsung Ads

Samsung Ads is Advanced TV advertising built on the world’s smartest connected audience platform. We leverage a proprietary data set no one else has, to deliver insights to marketers no one else can offer.




Samsung Ads Proprietary Data, U.S. Only, 2018

- Methodology: Visits are calculated using Factual foot traffic audience, deterministically matched to Samsung TV household universe.