Got What it Takes?

Be the best of the best.

Samsung Wants YOU.

Becoming a Samsung installer is about more than just air conditioning. It is about being one of the finest and most successful air conditioner specialists around.

A Brand You Can Depend On

Samsung’s quality is indisputable. So is our reputation for technology and innovation. As a Samsung installer you will be confident in providing air conditioner solutions that enhance your customers’ lives and the efficiency of your business.

A Brand You Can Depend On A Brand You Can Depend On

Staying One Step Ahead

Samsung is a partner that guarantees you a smooth daily operation. With punctual deliveries and easily-sourced spare parts, we remove unnecessary obstacles, empowering you to take your air conditioner business to the next level.

Staying One Step Ahead Staying One Step Ahead

Tools to Take You to the Top

As a Samsung partner, you will have access to a wide range of courses, practical troubleshooting and ongoing support – everything you need to consistently deliver the best results, no matter what challenge you have chosen to accept.

Tools to Take You to the Top Tools to Take You to the Top

Discover the Full Range

Discover the Full Range

Groundbreaking Technology & Innovations

Samsung is renowned for pushing boundaries. The result? Distinctive end-user inspired solutions with bespoke design and unmatched functionality.