Lemon ice lollies

By Samsung 28.09.2016

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Lemon ice lollies

For the littles ones (and the not so little), chef Kunal Kapur has prepared a quick and delicious dessert.

Learn how to make lemon ice lollies in a few easy steps:


Lemon - 2 nos
Kaffir lime - 1 no
Ginger ale - 200ml
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Blueberries - handful
Kiwi slices - 2 nos
Strawberries - 2 nos

Step by step

Squeeze lemon and kaffir lime and add sugar and ginger ale and mix it well.
Drop the fruits in the ice lolly moulds and pour in the lemon ginger ale water.
Put in the stick and freeze it completely.
Remove and serve.