With so many choices in the modern kitchen, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. What is the best choice when it comes to appliances and features for your unique lifestyle? Cooker Hobs are certainly no exception, which now come with a variety of technologies and styles.

There is something for everyone when it comes to cooker hobs. With a choice of ceramic, gas and induction hobs, there are a variety of features and technologies that are best suited for different lifestyles. From energy efficiency to cooking supremacy, it is all about your personal preferences.

Ceramic hob

For people who love minimalism, the ceramic hob is a dream come true. It features smooth glass surfaces that have touch controls built in to the surface area and often have LED displays to give it that ultra modern look. However, one problem that can be associated with ceramic hobs is that there is a lack of control, being slow to heat up and then having residual heat remaining (sometimes this can be hard to detect). For this reason, people into their cooking may not appreciate this and will tend to steer away from a ceramic hob. Fortunately for those who simply can’t resist the contemporary design, later models have included safety features such as heat indicators and child locks to solve these short comings.

Gas hob

Most foodies and cooking enthusiasts will settle for nothing less than a gas hob. They provide fantastic responsiveness, with greater control of the flame, and deliver a higher cooking performance with the direct-to-pan flame. Other features such as the automatic ignition deliver optimised convenience and safety, where the flame and heat can be turned on or off quickly. The gas hob is all about functionality and for this reason is usually considered the superior hob, but of course that all depends on your preferences.

Induction hob

If you consider yourself somewhere in the middle, where you want the cool contemporary design but still want a good performance in terms of cooking, then the induction hob is what you need. Visually it is not too dissimilar top the ceramic hob, featuring a stylish surface that can incorporate LED displays and touch controls. The big difference is that it doesn’t feature an in-between layer like the ceramic hob, which detracts from it cooking performance, but rather heat is generated directly into the pan using an induction coil. This solves many of the problems that ceramic hobs face and actually delivers a cooking performance that rivals the gas hob.