Building the future with a Smart Home

By Samsung 22.12.2015

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Smart Home

A convenient lifestyle comes knocking at your door.

We live in an era of convenience. Year after year, new and innovative products emerge and gain popularity as they make it easier for us to do things. Smartphones allow us to stay connected on the go and smart appliances take the hassle out of doing our chores. But what happens when our entire home becomes smart, and these devices and appliances seamlessly communicate with one another? You get to explore the beautiful world of a Smart Home, where many tasks can be done without even lifting an arm or finger.

The Back to the Future movie franchise gave us a glimpse of a Smart Home decades ago. Even the 1960s animated show, The Jetsons, featured cutting-edge technology that adapted to people's needs. A lot of the seemingly far-fetched technology isn't very far-fetched anymore. Large flat screen TVs: Check. Video conferencing with someone from the comfort of your home: Check. Fingerprint access to your house: Check. What else would you consider to be part of the environment of a Smart Home? A fridge that reminds you to get groceries. An AC that turns on even before you step into the house. A washing machine that can start the laundry cycle while you're away from home. The age of a highly responsive home is closer than you think!

As part of Samsung's Smart Home initiative, multiple devices and appliances around the house can be connected and managed through a single integrated platform via your smartphone, smartwatch, TV, etc. With the resourceful Smart Home app, users are able to control several devices and appliances, such as TV, refrigerator and washing machines. There are already many things you can control around your house with a single device, but the future will bring further convergence and convenience to your doorstep.

Simplifying chores

As a working person, it can often be difficult to manage household chores when you are doing long shifts and working odd hours. Eventually, weekends – which should ideally be a time to relax – end up being spent catching up on household errands, such as laundry, which often requires 30-minutes to an hour-long waiting time. But you don't have to sacrifice your weekend.

With Smart Home technology, you can take care of your laundry during the working week. Simply load the washer before you head out for work. You do have the option of turning the machine on as well, but that would mean the damp clothes would lay in the washer for half the day before you can set them out to dry. The Smart Home app takes the hassle out of that by allowing you to start your washer remotely as well as operate and track the progress of your laundry.


You can easily start the machine when you're an hour away from home so that the clothes are ready to be put in the dryer when you return. Who needs laundry 'days' when you can adapt your chores around your daily schedule?


Giving you a warm welcome

Adapting your home environment according to your preferences can also be a breeze with Smart Home technology. If you've had a long day at work and it's raining outside, you can remotely preset your AC to turn on the heating before you come home. If you're coming back from the scorching heat, the last thing you want is to enter another oven when you step into the house. Just as you can start the engine in some cars by pressing a button even before entering them, you can preset your AC to turn on cooling in your house when you're on the way for a cool welcome.

Eventually, with the help of location services, your needs may be recognised even before you think of them. For example, if the Smart Home detects you approaching home, it can ask you if you'd like to switch on the lights and AC beforehand.

Your word is enough

As we go forward, it will become easier to control the home environment with voice commands. Voice control technology offers the convenience of getting tasks done even without lifting a finger. For instance, with a simple voice command of 'going out' or 'good night,' the lights and selected appliances, can get dimmed or switched off automatically. If you're in bed watching TV with the lights switched on and the remote control out of your reach, getting out of your comfortable bed won't be necessary. After giving out the voice command, the only thing to do would be to snuggle under the covers and fall asleep while everything automatically turns off.

This only scratches the surface of what Smart Home technology brings to the table. With more compatible devices and innovative solutions available and soon-to-be-available, you can live a smarter and more convenient life in your advanced Smart Home.