A real step forward in the virtual world, the headset offer an advanced virtual reality experience thanks to its design innovations and new connectivity features. Here are some new features on the Gear VR that will make you step into your own virtual world.

Redesign of Gear VR

The new Samsung Gear VR will boast some useful ergonomic changes. As the material is different from the older version, the contact with your skin way more enjoyable and softer. The thicker foam combined with a lighter design allow you to play for longer without feeling any fatigue. The strap going over your head is longer, so you can experience virtual reality with all the comfort needed to appreciate the experience.

Lighter headset

The side touchpad on the headset is redesigned on the new Gear VR for an easier access to basic in-app controls. The 2016 version is lighter by 8 grams, making your gaming more immersive and comfortable, especially if you play for a while. The whole headset weighs 312 grammes without the phone.

Black and blue

The new version of the Gear VR is no longer mainly white but dark blue and black. Not only meant to distinguish the two headsets, the new finish is better for full immersion into virtual reality content, as darker colours are less reflective.

Field of view

In order to get you deeper into the virtual experience, the new Gear VR has an expanded field of view, from 96 degrees to 101 degrees. This tweak helps widening your experience thus immersing you even more into the VR world.

Touchpad controls

The new Gear VR’s input buttons have been upgraded as well. You will find a dedicated Home button taking you right to the Oculus home screen on the side, rather than holding down the Back button to go to the home screen. The directional pad is now a free-flowing touchpad area, allowing for better precision and accuracy even during a game.


The micro-USB port is replaced by a USB C-port on the new Gear VR’s headset bottom. The new USB C-port can also be used to transfer data. You can also easily swap this connector with an included micro-SD adapter. The size of the arms are adjustable to hold your smartphone. The new Gear VR is supporting Samsung smartphones including the Note5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S7 and S7 Edge.