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6 Ideas to throw the best football party at home

6 Ideas to throw the best football party at home

By Samsung,  23.06.2016.

Whether you’ll be cheering for your favourite teams or just watch it for the intensity of the game, you and your friends need the best conditions to make the most of the football season.
Here are some tips to make football watching truly enjoyable for everyone involved.

1. Choose the right TV

The centre piece of the game action will be your TV. When it comes to choosing a TV to watch the football games, the bigger the better. A big screen will enforce the feeling of really being watching the game from the stadium, and will probably get some more cheering going on.

The new Samsung SUHD TV will get you closer to the game than ever. With a resolution four times higher than Full HD, the ultra-high definition curved screen is ideal for an optimal game experience, and the Octa Core Processor making it exceedingly fast will assure you don't miss a second of the football action.


As a general rule, you should sit about 1.5 times the diagonal size of your TV away from it. Make sure you take this into account when arranging your seating arrangements!

If you happen to leave to get refreshments or answer the door, make sure you use the reverse screen mirroring function on your smartphone so you don't miss the first goal. Also, thanks to the Smart View feature of the SUHD TV, your mobile can be used as a remote. No need to look for it anymore!

2. Get numbers right

How many people will come and watch the football games at your place is crucial. As people will probably jump and cheer loudly, you will need to plan space arrangements and not have too many people crammed into a tight space. The number of people will also help figuring out the next step, party supplies.


3. Have snacks ready

Healthy and tasty snacks are the key to any gathering, especially when a lot of cheering energy is needed. Make sure you prepare enough pretzels, popcorn, vegetables sticks and hummus for everyone. Also be assured to plan portions accordingly, as you don't want to have all snacks eaten before the football game kicks off!

4. Prepare the seating arrangement

Determine your furniture needs based on the number of people attending and your available space. You can either opt for sofas for a more intimate arrangement, where teams can be cheering all together. Armchairs and chairs are a good option to use all the available space and allowing people to have a great view of the game. If it's only a family gathering, it might be worth placing one of a few sofas in a semi-circle around the TV for everyone to be in a prime viewing spot.

5. Practice your cheering

Cheering is a huge part of supporting your team during a football game, especially if you invite people supporting different teams. You will probably have two specific teams' supporters. Make sure you know the specific cheering rituals and anthems that surrounds your favourite team. You don't want to be left out when celebrating your team winning!

Samsung SUHD TV

6. Know the rules

Nothing is more frustrating than being the one who doesn't get all the rules, and have to constantly ask for clarifications, apart maybe being the one having to give explanations throughout the game. Don't be this person and make sure to educate yourself about main football rules. Probably the most asked about rule is the offside rule: a player is in offside position if there are fewer than two defenders, including the goal keeper, between him and the goal line.

Now that you have the seating and snacks covered, the right equipment ready and know songs and rules, it's time to get comfortable and cheer for your team. May the best team win!