How to make the most of your work commute

By Samsung 04.03.2015

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How to make the most of your work commute

Long drives are pleasant when they are taken at leisure and with good company. But when it comes to driving to work, it can be an energy-draining experience.

Some of us are lucky to reach work within 15 minutes. For others, it can take up to an hour or more of braving morning traffic. Don't let your commute be a mindless interchange between accelerator and brake. Try the following ways to make your drive productive and, perhaps, even enjoyable.

Call a friend

Remember your high school buddy you never get a chance to talk to because of a busy routine? Does your mother back home complain that you don't have time to speak with her? You don't need to 'find the time' for them anymore. Turn on your smart phone's hands-free mode and catch up with your loved ones while you drive to work. You will get the chance to reconnect and time will fly.

Listen to self-help audio

Your morning drive can be a good time to listen to self-help CDs. There are several self-help audios available that can aid you in boosting your self-esteem, overcoming anxiety and fueling personal growth.

Listen to self-help audio

Learn a language

If you're not the self-healing type, you can use the time to listen to educational CDs to learn a new language or expand your vocabulary. With so many different nationalities working in the Gulf, being bilingual (or multilingual) can be a great asset for both locals and foreigners. If you're an expatriate, answer this: How many times have you pledged that you will learn Arabic, only to put it on the back burner as other priorities emerge? This is an opportunity for you to learn it on the go and you won't even have to make time for it. You can use language CDs or connect your smart phone to the car's Bluetooth system and learn through the myriad of language apps available online.


For the workaholics out there, the commute is a great way to plan the day's activities. You can spend the time creating a mental checklist, setting priorities and getting a head start on your working day.

Have your 'me' time

In our exhausting schedules, we often forget to take time out for ourselves. Listen to soothing music to calm your nerves. If you're into yoga, use breathing exercises to de-stress. At the traffic signals, do some stretching exercises to loosen your muscles. Or simply use the time to clear your head and unwind.

Stay updated

If you don't get time to read the news in the morning, switch on the radio on your way to work and catch up on latest developments.


If you use public transportation to reach your workplace, you have even more options:

Mind games

Take out your crossword or Sudoku and challenge your mind early in the morning. If you're more of an Angry Bird or action games enthusiast, take this time to set your new high score and charge up for the day.

Public transportation
Catch up with work

Catch up with work

If you're in the mood, take out your laptop or tablet and get started on your day's work or write a to-do list to plan your schedule. Jot down notes on your smart phone and manage your pending work.


Your work commute doesn't have to be a solo affair. Strike up conversations with passengers and build your network.

By trying the above, you not only get a break from the mundane, but also get a chance to learn, explore, prepare and unwind. How else can you make your work commute better? Share your tips below.