How to wash your delicate fabrics

By Samsung Gulf 13.12.2015

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Delicate fabrics

Learn how you can keep delicate fabrics clean and intact after a round of washing.

Most clothes are easy to wash. You simply put them in the washer and begin your laundry cycle. However, there are certain clothes and materials that require special treatment and care. You cannot wash them like regular laundry or mix them up with other types of fabrics. From your silk scarves to cashmere shawls and chiffon dresses, many of them may have to be hand-washed to ensure they are dealt with gently.

But washing them doesn't have to be difficult. Explore these tips to wash your delicate fabrics with ease, without risking damage.

Be vigilant

Pay attention to the care tags/labels in clothes. These often advise whether the material is washing machine-friendly or should only be hand-washed or dry cleaned.

It is also important to use the right cleaning material. Some detergents often leave residue on clothes in the form of blue or white marks. So ensure that you choose a good and reliable detergent. There are even special detergents for delicate fabrics available in the market that can be used.

Wash gently

In some cases, it is best to hand-wash a delicate item, especially when it has some embellishments that could get tangled with other fabrics. To start the washing process, submerge the piece of clothing in lukewarm water, add some detergent and a bit of fabric softener. If there is a prominent stain on it and you are pressed for time, you can first start by washing off the stain so that it doesn't spread to the rest of the clothing. Once you have taken care of the stain, move on to gently swirling or washing the entire outfit. It's often advised not to scrub, but if you need to, then do so mildly or you risk damaging the material. Otherwise, you can just leave the item to soak in the water for some time for the stain and dirt to come off eventually.

Take advantage of special settings

In case you decide the job is better taken care of by a washing machine, make sure you are familiar with its various settings. Instead of washing all types of materials together, it always better do a separate cycle for delicate fabrics. Many washing machines have special settings for this. For instance, Samsung's WA5700J washer with Activ Dualwash technology has a 'Delicates' option on the control panel that you can select, among others, such as 'Fuzzy,' 'Blanket,' and 'Jeans.' It also features a Diamond Drum with a 'soft curl' design with smooth, diamond-shaped ridges that's gentle on your clothes. Its small water exit holes also mean fabric is less likely to be trapped and damaged.

Don't mix up clothes

We all know the rules about not mixing colours during laundry. It is always advisable to wash whites with other whites and light colours, and darker shades separately. If you have delicate fabrics in both dark and light shades, it's better to wash them separately instead of clubbing them together only because they fall in the fragile category. Moreover, if you have clothes in net material or with laces and tassels, make sure there isn't any other clothing in there with hooks and buckles (such as pants and jackets), as it could cause a rip or tear in the other lighter fabrics during the cycle. Avoiding clothes with metal zippers is also advisable.

Pre-treat fabric

If you are using the machine to wash your clothes, you can pre-treat the clothes or a particular tough stain before starting the machine cycle. With Activ Dualwash technology, you can even pre-treat clothes in the machine's built-in sink, instead of scrubbing them in a bathroom sink or squatting over a bucket.

Samsung Activ Dualwash

You can take care of the process in three simple steps: Place the clothing in the sink and press the Water Jet button on the side of the machine to channel water into it. Wash or mildly scrub the clothing on the sink's corrugated surface. After you're done with washing, tilt the sink to drain the water and drop the clothing in the washing machine drum.

Keep the drum clean

It is also important to wipe the washer's drum clean before putting delicate clothes and cleaning out the lint filter so that the residue does not stick to the fabric.

Dry with care

Be careful when you're drying delicate fabrics as well. Sometimes, putting them in the dryer or wringing them too hard before hanging them out to dry may damage the cloth.

Gently wring them to drain some of the water and hang them on the drying rack. It is okay if they are slightly more damp than your other laundry.

If you don't have a balcony or access to direct sunlight, put the clothing on a hanger and hang it in any dry place around the house. Make sure you have properly spread out the fabric to avoid water collection in certain areas that may leave some marks. You can even spread it on sofas and tables or hang them on chairs.

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