Take and edit the perfect social media picture in 3 steps

By Samsung 12.12.2016

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Take and edit the perfect social media picture in 3 steps

Taking and editing the perfect picture to post on social media is a difficult skill to master.

The difference between an unedited and an edited picture might not strike at first glance, but it does make a huge difference. Some influencers, food bloggers or lifestyle brands tone up their picture slightly to make them lighter, darker, or focus on a particular focus point. A consistent and visually striking gallery is what will make your account grow and keep your followers wanting more. Bearing in mind the overall look of your gallery, editing your pictures should become a routine to keep the same look and feel to each picture. Once you learn which filter to use, which setting to modify and what should your focus point be, editing your pictures for social media should become easy and quick. 

Here’s how to take and edit the perfect social media picture in 3 steps:

1. Start off by taking a great photo

You can apply as many filters as you want, it won’t flatter a not-so-good picture. Make sure to follow basic rules of photography to take a great snap on your smartphone. With the Galaxy S7 edge and S7, make use of the Dual Pixel 12MP image sensor and seamless autofocus to make taking great photographs easy. Use gridlines to capture photographs using the rule of third, which states that an image should be broken into 3 parts, both horizontally and vertically. Point of interests should be placed in the lines intersections for a more balanced photo. Find interesting perspectives and use symmetry, lines and patterns to compose the perfect shot.  

2. Edit your picture using settings and filters 

The Galaxy S7 edge and S7 offer settings and filters directly within the camera to make editing pictures easier. You can for example change the mood of your photos by adding a filter effect. Note than you can also download additional filters.


Use the Galaxy S7 edge and S7 camera settings to alter, crop and modify your picture. Press “Auto Adjust” to let your smartphone ameliorate your photo automatically or change settings manually such as temperature, brightness, contrast or saturation. Add some effects such as Pastel, Deep or Retro to add drama to your picture. You can also add a Stardust or Light flare effect on your picture to add a touch of originality.

3. Share your picture on social media

You can now open your favourite social media app, pick your photo and post it as it is. You can also share your picture straight from your Gallery by opening your photo and clicking on “Share”. Select your favourite medium or swipe to reveal more sharing options.   

Choose a final look that corresponds to the overall look and feel of your gallery, and make sure there is consistency among your pictures for a general agreeable feeling. Let us know if you have more tips to take and edit the perfect photo for social media!