You carry more and more of your life on your mobile device. That’s why the prospect of losing your smartphone or tablet—and all the private information it contains—is so worrisome. A free Web-based service called Samsung Dive can protect your privacy and help you get your device back.

If you’re like many people, the worst part of losing a smartphone or tablet isn’t the loss of the device itself. The idea of exposing all of your messages, emails, contacts, photos, and work and financial information is much more worrisome than the cost of replacing the device. That’s especially true if your device is stolen rather than lost.

Responding to a Missing Device

A free service called Samsung Dive gives you control over access to the content on your smartphone or tablet, even if you have no idea where it is. Using the si mple Web-based interface, you can lock, locate, and even erase your device. Whether or not you recover the device, the service can help you keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Here’s how the key features of Samsung Dive can help you respond to the loss of a device:*

  • Lock My Mobile: In most cases, when you discover that your device is missing, locking it with a PIN should be your first step. Lock My Mobile also lets you send a message to your phone requesting a call to another number where you can be reached. This call can be placed even while the phone remains locked, giving anyone who finds your phone a chance to be the hero.

  • Ring My Mobile: This feature causes your device to ring at its highest volume for one minute, regardless of its current settings. This can deter a would-be thief—or simply help you pinpoint the exact location of your device deep inside your couch!

  • Track My Mobile: Stop wondering where your phone is. Track My Mobile shows the location of your device on a map, updating every 15 minutes for up to 12 hours.

  • Call Logs: View the call history for your phone over the past week to see whether it has fallen into unfamiliar hands. This feature can turn the table on thieves by exposing their contacts.

  • Wipe Out My Mobile: For the ultimate protection of highly sensitive data, use this option to erase all the data on your smartphone, foiling identity theft.

Other Samsung Services

Samsung Dive is part of a suite of Web-based tools that support your mobile device—and not just in emergency situations. Your free Samsung Account gives you access to a range of fun and useful services, including:*

  • • AllShare Play: With the AllShare Play app on your mobile device, you can enjoy your photos, videos, and music anytime, anywhere. When you’re on the go, you can access music stored on your home PC. You can also use your Samsung Smart TV to view photos and videos stored on your smartphone.

  • • Family Story: Share messages, scheduling, photos, videos, and more with your family members in one location that everyone can access from their mobile devices, computers, or Smart TVs.

  • • Media Hub: Watch the latest movies and TV shows on your mobile device (most movies are available the day of the DVD release). You never have to sync with a PC; all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and a credit card. Share your shows with the whole family—you can share content across five Samsung devices at once.
  • Hopefully, you’ll be using these services much more often than Samsung Dive. But if you ever do lose your device, Dive might just become your favorite service of all.

    * This article does not represent any guarantees or terms of service. Available features and services vary by location and device and are subject to change without notice.