The evolution of design in Samsung devices

By Samsung 04.03.2015

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The evolution of design in Samsung devices

Samsung has mapped an upward trend with the look and feel of its devices. With every new launch, it turns design up a notch and enhances the overall user experience.

See how Samsung devices have evolved over the years:


Back in 1988, the SH100 was Samsung's first analog mobile phone. In the early days of handheld devices, it featured a small display screen and a numeric dial pad.


Flip phones were all the rage back in the days. In 2000, Samsung's SCH-A2000 complemented the flip experience with a 3-lined external and 5-line internal display.


The year 2002 saw the unveiling of a petite clamshell phone that easily fit into the palm. Along with an external display, the SCH-X430 featured an 18-bit (262k colour) LCD display.

SCH W850

The SCH-W850 paired a 3.5-inch AMOLED display with touch screen functionality – paving the way for a more interactive user experience.

Galaxy S

By 2010, the design of Samsung phones took an exciting turn with the Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S was the first Samsung phone with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display and was one of the slimmest touch screen smart phones of its time.

Galaxy Note

Samsung marked a revolution in smart phones in 2011 by bridging the gap between a tablet and a phone through the Galaxy Note. Its 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display offered an expansive and immersive viewing experience, while the S Pen (stylus) enhanced mobile input by making it easier to take notes, sketch drawings and indulge in other creative work.

Galaxy Note 3

In 2013, the Note series took a leap from a plastic finish to a leather-like back skin design with a sophisticated stitch, offering a classic feeling and a sense of analog in the palm through the Note 3. The larger screen size of 5.7 inches set the stage for strong clarity, accompanied by a thinner and lighter form that made it easier to hold.

Galaxy S5

With the design concept of modern flash, the S5 blended youthful urban style with emotion. Its perforated rear cover provided a comfortable grip for users and the dust and water resistant body was the perfect companion for adventure-seekers. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display also delivered a deeper and more vivid screen view.

Galaxy Alpha

The Alpha took design to the next level with a metal frame and solid finish. Its elegantly curved corners, tactile soft back cover and compact construction provided users with maximum in-hand grip and control. The light-weight device also represented a convergence of style and cutting-edge technology, providing seamless interaction for users.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy has upped the ante with the Note 4 design, following the concept of modern sleek – simple, modern, emotional and innovative. Its premium metal frame, leather back and fluid curvature create a powerful yet comfortable-to-hold exterior, while the precise colour saturation and high contrast of the 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display offer outstanding clarity and crisp visuals. The Note 4 Edge adds to its premium-ess by enhancing the experience and functionality through its unique curved edge.

Galaxy A3 & A5

The Galaxy A series phones have paired a beautifully-crafted full metal unibody with an ultra-slim design, providing a light-weight experience. Along with enhanced portability, the 4.5-inch ( A3) and 5-inch (A5) HD Super AMOLED displays also maximise viewing experience by intelligently adapting to surroundings.

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