5 Signs You’re an Ocean Addict

By Samsung 10.08.2017

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5 Signs You’re an Ocean Addict

Some people like the ocean… but for you it’s a serious love affair more like blue shades addiction. If you can relate to the following signs, then you’re definitely an oceanholic.


Beach vacation?
Yes, please!

You’re always in need to feel the sea breeze; the salt tickling your nose and the fresh air.
Yes, you want to spend every weekend and escape the city at the beach. For you a beach holiday has its own healing powers and a special way of boosting your energy.   

Bring on the action!

For you, there is so much more to the ocean than tanning and probably reading! Snorkelling, surfing, jet skiing, diving are definitely your thing!
You’re ready to go out there, explore, and enjoy all the wild blue fun. You’re probably calling the ocean “My playground”


It’s where you belong

The ocean, the sea, the beach… give you special moments that nothing else in the world can, from serene silence to thrilling energy. Relaxing by the water feeds your soul. You will be there staring at the ocean, the sunset, and watching how all your problems are fading away… just like a breeze. 

In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans – Kahlil Gibran


Your Instagram account looks something like this right now

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… what about a full shades of blue gallery.

Case closed!

You’re in love with the Coral Blue

The new Coral Blue was officially released and probably you’re holding it in your hands while reading this! Inspired by the ocean, the colour itself is simultaneously modern, and stylish, adding to the overall phone a break free feeling!

Featuring a sleek, frameless design that flows over the phone’s sides, the Galaxy S8 incorporates cutting edge mobile technologies that enhance your mobile experience. 


Included among these features are its immersive Infinity Display, unified UX, Dual Pixel camera and Bixby intelligent interface.

It’s time to experience infinity in a different shade!