Add excitement to your New Year’s Eve with technology

By Samsung 28.12.2015

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Happy New Year

Plan your event and entertain your guests with these interesting tips to spice up your New Year’s Eve.

You have been going over the perfect way to throw the best New Year's Eve party in your head for months. You've sent out your e-vites many weeks ago and are on your last leg, pulling everything together and putting on the final touches to make your New Year's Eve a memorable event. Whether you're planning an epic party at home with a guest list that has gotten out of hand, an outdoor event or a quiet night at home for two, use technology to bring that extra bit of life to the party.

Having a beachy New Year's Eve?

To complement your beach outing, plan to bring along your karaoke machine. What is more entertaining than watching all of your friends being silly, trying their best to showcase their best singing voices? Show your guests a good time by indulging in a little care-free singing competition, while celebrating the New Year under the stars. Don't forget to record these competitions using your smart devices for a good laugh later on.

Those who cannot bring themselves to embarrassment by joining the karaoke competitions, can enjoy the tantalising sounds of the Wireless Audio 360.

Wireless Audio 360

Where would your outdoor party be without the right playlist and the best music system?

The portable Samsung Wireless Audio 360 R6 speaker is the best device for your beach party, because it is wireless and its omni-directional sound will allow all guests to enjoy the music no matter how close or far away they are from the speaker.

Epic New Year's house party

Put the finishing touches on your New Year's Eve bash by installing your own homemade photo booth! Spice up your celebration with a red carpet and photo booth at the entrance of your home, so that your guests can snap a pic of how dazzling they look before entering the party. Make this photo booth a DIY project before the event and simply install a smartphone to snap the pictures on the day and print them out. With this, your guests are smitten with your party at the door and they have great takeaway gifts for when the night is over.

After your guests have had a great time at your engaging photo booth, take a step in another direction by offering your guests the opportunity to watch different channels featuring various countdown shows on your TV. Aside from featuring the countdown, you can even use your TV to play games, host competitions and play the playlist you have worked on for almost a month.

Get creative this year by setting up a digital memory station, where your guests can record their New Year's wishes or recollect the best events that happened to them in 2015. This is a good way for them to share exciting or inspirational events that made an impact on them in the previous year. Save these voice recordings for the end of the party and after the ball drops, come together as a group of friends to go through them.

If you're throwing a massive party at a large venue, impress your guests with the muscular design and powerful sound of Samsung's GIGA Sound Premium Hi-Fi Component Audio System.

Along with rich bass, the speaker delivers 3,400W of sound, which will offer your guests an intense sound experience and enhance the party atmosphere. With built-in lighting effects, the GIGA will also add life to your party!


Quiet night for two

If you are still recovering from the excitement of last year's New Year's Eve and can't imagine attending or even planning an event this year, there is still a way to integrate technology to have a great night at home until the clock strikes 12.

Create a cinema feel for you and your significant other with a projector and the right ambience. Move all of the furniture out of the way and set-up pillows or comfortable reclining chairs so that you can watch your favourite Christmas movies or the countdown until it is the new year. You can even enjoy a cinematic experience on Samsung's SUHD TV, which offers superb clarity with approximately twice the contrast and brightness of a conventional UHD TV.

While watching your favourite movies in your home cinema, use your smartphone to take short films throughout the night to remember it by. When the night is over, connect your smart device to your laptop and take a closer look at your shorts films, and share them with friends and family to show them how you spent your New Year's Eve at home.