Elevate your style with a smartwatch

By Samsung 10.02.2016

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Elevate your style

Show your premium self with the elegance and connectedness a smartwatch has to offer.

Your style speaks volumes about you or at least has some contribution in how people perceive you. So it's natural to want dress well and embellish yourself with the right accessories, especially when you're in an influential circle. You strive to look your best at many occasions – whether you're in a board meeting with powerful leaders, a corporate conference attended by the who's who of the industry or the front row of a fashion show.

Aside from the way you dress, your timepieces say a lot about your style. They are often used as status symbols and reflections of your affluence. Invest in a smartwatch to not only display your sense of style and prosperity, but also how connected you are to the world.

Your personal concierge

Getting things done with a simple tap on the wrist is a style statement of its own, and that is one of the things a smartwatch facilitates. You can also have the luxury of keeping your hands free while exploring many benefits of a smartphone. It is not only a beautiful adornment for your wrist, but also your personal assistant, giving you important notifications along the way. It notifies you about your emails, instant messages and meetings scheduled in your calendar. It also assists in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by tracking your health with heart monitors, pedometres and other features.

The premium touch

If you like premium watches, you don't necessarily have to seek traditional timepieces. You can maintain a level of sophistication and connectedness with smartwatches.

rose gold and platinum

For instance, Samsung has rolled out the Gear S2 premium smartwatches in two elegant editions for your appreciation of the finer things in life.

Get the best of both worlds with the elegance of high-end timepieces and the smooth functionality of a smartphone. The 18K Rose Gold edition comes with an Ivory Genuine Leather Band, while the Platinum edition is accompanied by a Black Genuine Leather Band.

Match your style

If you're the type who likes to match everything with what you wear, you don't have to worry about wearing white watches with black clothes or silver watches with a golden outfit. With an expanded base of bands and watch faces, Samsung offers you a variety of options to match your style. Adorn your wrist with bands and straps featuring designs by Italian brand Colombo via della Spiga.

watch bands

Earlier editions of Gear S2 introduced watch face designs by Italian designer Alessandro Mendini. Now you can also lighten up your watch face with artworks by a wider range of talented artists, such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jeremyville and Burton Morris.

Are you the creative types? Why not design your own watch face to express your personality and style? With the Gear Watch Designer and semi or professional designing skills, you can create a customised watch face to add to your options and fit your style.

Stay up to date

Regardless of which industry you're in, staying up to date is essential. By being well-informed and staying top of things, you can exude confidence that supplements your style.

With featured apps on your Gear S2, such as CNN and Bloomberg, you can stay updated with the latest news and trends. You can view information, such as tops stories at a glimpse with the CNN Digital app and updates from stock market indices such as Standard & Poor's (S&P) and Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) with the Bloomberg app right on your smartwatch. Having this information within reach can also assist you in making the rights decisions at the right time.