Five ways you can enjoy a Smart TV experience

By Samsung 22.04.2015

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Five ways you can enjoy a Smart TV experience

How you can take advantage of seamless interaction and convergence with Samsung’s all-new SUHD TV.

Television has come a long way from being considered a one-way communication tool that is just switched on to passively watch something. We are in an age where the TV experience isn't limited to watching. We like to simultaneously check our email, discuss a movie on Facebook or Twitter and read online reviews afterwards to see what others think of it. At times, we even watch celebrity interviews or behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube.

With the advent of smart TVs, all this has been accessible through your television. Samsung's new line-up of cutting edge SUHD TVs has taken this interactivity even further with the integration of the Tizen operating system – bringing seamless interaction and greater convergence to the table.

Here are five ways it helps you take advantage of a flexible, smart TV experience:

Multitasking and simple usability

It is a common sight in households these days: A person watching TV with a laptop on his lap and a smartphone in his hand. While it seems like the symbol of multitasking, switching between devices can often be distracting and an added hassle. Why not make multitasking seamless on a single screen? With Samsung SUHD TV's smart interface, you can watch TV, browse the internet, post updates on social media and engage in other web activities on the same device with a smooth interchange. Instead of having to close an app to access another, you can now switch between different apps and get back to where you left off. The option of a split-screen view even allows you to perform two activities simultaneously. For instance, you can watch your programme on one side of the screen and comment on a friend's Facebook timeline on the other side.

Easy convergence

If you're still a fan of switching between devices, you have options to support that. With Quick Connect, you can seamlessly share content from your smartphone with your SUHD TV and vice versa. If you're watching your favourite show, your TV experience doesn't need to end when you exit the room. You can stream the video to your mobile phone's screen, and as long as you're within the wireless range that both devices are connected to, you can continue watching from any corner of the house.

The days of fishing for your remote between sofa cushions are behind you as well. Through Quick Connect, you can use your smartphone as a remote control to operate your TV with a single step.

briefing on tv

Briefing on TV

Planning your day will also be simpler with the ease of convergence. With Samsung SUHD TV's Briefing on TV feature, you can prepare for a humid day before you step out of the house or get news updates without even getting out of bed. The feature can be connected with your smartphone's alarm. When the alarm rings on your phone, the TV will switch on automatically and feature the latest weather updates and news, as well as your schedule through your Google calendar.

Customised experience

For those who want to avoid the hassle of flipping channels, the Smart Hub interface has made it easier to access preferred content. The interactive panel at the bottom of the screen beautifully lists your favourite, recently-accessed and other featured content along with tabs for social media platforms and other apps. Instead of asking you to move away from the screen to the menu page, the panel conveniently lays out at the bottom, giving you the opportunity to browse options while you're watching something.

smart hub


When you're searching for a particular piece of content, the panel organises results intuitively to match your needs, making it less work for you.

You're also not limited to watching what's offered by your satellite provider. Aside from a host of videos available on the internet, you have access to a range of customised content that comes along with your SUHD TV.


With the One Connect Box, your SUHD TV is ready for the future. As technological advances take place, your One Connect Box can be upgraded with the latest systems and you can enjoy all the new updates on your existing SUHD TV. This saves you the hassle of changing your TV set every couple of years or missing the latest updates in the market. Moreover, the TV's advanced convergence capabilities make it Smart Home ready. Prepare for a future where you'll be able to control multiple devices and appliances around the house with your very own SUHD TV.

The JS9500 also comes with a built-in camera for all your Skype and video conferencing needs. While many new Samsung smart TVs are motion-sensor ready, the built-in camera in the JS9500 brings additional convenience in controlling certain functions of your television with a simple gesture from your hand.