Going on vacation? Travel light with Galaxy S6

By Samsung 12.07.2015

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Going on vacation? Travel light with Galaxy S6

Avoid carrying multiple devices and make your trip enjoyable with your Samsung smartphone.

Vacations are supposed to be the time when we relax and unwind. In an attempt to have a hassle-free holiday, we tend to pack too many things to ensure we don't have any surprises and, as a result, end up with more weight than needed. This year, leave enough room for souvenirs, memorabilia and gifts for your loved ones. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 by your side, you don't need to pack multiple devices that take up space in your luggage.

Mobile entertainment

Long waits at the airport lounge or during the flight can be made more entertaining with your Galaxy S6. With a better resolution than an airplane TV screen, your phone's Quad HD Super AMOLED display will deliver video in rich quality, so you can enjoy your favourite pre-downloaded TV show or family videos on board. If you are a gaming enthusiast, the device's great touch sensitivity and superb visuals will give you an engaging experience to get you through the flight. Remember to put your phone on airplane mode!


Capture your moments

If you don't want the extra weight when you're walking along the streets of Spain, there is no need to carry your bulky SLR camera. The Galaxy S6's 16MP rear camera produces high resolution photos that will leave your memories etched in your mind. The quick camera launch function from the phone's home screen, which fires up your camera in 0.7 seconds, will also let you capture spontaneous moments with ease.


With a 5MP front-facing camera, even your individual and family selfies (powered by a wide selfie mode) will be sharp and clear. Whether you are parasailing or watching an ethnic performance by the beach, you can also seize the moment with the phone's video recording function, which is capable of shooting in 4K.

Navigate like a pro

You don't have to look like a lost tourist when you go on vacation or carry large maps to find your destination. Take advantage of maps on your phone to get directions or simply use S Voice to find the nearest departmental store. If you're looking for good deals, check in through location-based services such as Facebook Places and Foursquare on your device and see what store promotions are being offered. Looking for Halal food? Check out the multitude of Halal food apps that you can download on your phone to find a good restaurant nearby.


On call

If your work doesn't leave you on your vacation, you don't have to carry your laptop around everywhere. With Samsung's KNOX security solution, you can switch between professional and personal modes on your Galaxy S6. Use your password or fingerprint scanner to access your work data and switch back to personal mode when it's time to have some fun. You can respond to emails on a night safari, type your to-do list on S Note while you wait in a queue at a theme park and stay on top of your work. Don't worry about your phone battery getting drained either. The S6's charging function is 1.5 times faster than previous models, and 10 minutes of charging can give you approximately four hours of usage*. So at mid-day, feel free to go back your hotel room for a quick shower and a power nap, and your phone will be good to go for your next outing.


Instant sharing

Don't wait until you're back in the hotel room after an exhausting sight-seeing trip to share your experience with your peers. With a reliable data package or free Wi-FI in public places, you can instantly update your status or post photos on social media through your Galaxy S6.

So pack up and get ready for an exciting, hassle-free trip!