Great Christmas gifts for your tech-savvy family

By Samsung 21.12.2015

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Christmas gifts

Learn how to make Christmas livelier this year with tech gifts that will bring joy to your loved ones.

Ready for the Christmas joy and want to surprise your family with the best gifts? Stay away from the conventional this year, and try a new range of tech gifts – from different ways of using technology to plan vacations to much needed upgrades.

A family getaway

Whether you are interested in visiting snow-capped mountains or retreating from the cold and going to warmer places, use your smart devices to monitor flight costs or research great Christmas travel destinations – all without your family finding out to maintain the element of surprise on Christmas day.

If you're looking to plan a family vacation or the honeymoon you missed, surprise your partner or family with a trip jam-packed with interesting and extensively-planned activities to take up the entirety of each day. Planning on taking the kids along? Search for amusement parks and aquariums to find something the entire family will enjoy.

family vacation photograph

Mix your Christmas vacation gift with some tangible items underneath the Christmas tree.

Your vacation would be greatly paired with a digital camera for that amateur photographer in the family and a nice Galaxy Tab S2 to make it easy to post vacation albums on Facebook, and research the best dinner spots during your trip.

Upgrade this Christmas

If you and your family are finding your tech devices to be a bit outdated, use this Christmas as a chance to upgrade. When you are shopping for your parents and are trying your best to make their gift a surprise, secretly search around the house for gadgets that you think are outdated.

Is your father wearing that watch that no longer works? Does your mother have that cell phone from years ago? Treat them to something that will improve their daily routine with technology that they are guaranteed to like. For your mom, take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, which will allow her to keep better track of different events, create memos and take better pictures. For your dad, check out the Gear S2, which he can use to check messages on the go and even manage his health using the smartwatch.

Gear S2

It can be a little more difficult to shop for your kids in this age, where it appears that youngsters already have every digital device you could think of. But they could always use an upgrade on that gaming system, laptop or camera they have. Bring excitement to your children this Christmas by giving them an even better version of the tech devices they already own.

Make spending time together as a family a gift in itself by playing interesting games, teaching grandparents how to use their new tech devices and making that traditional Christmas dinner.

Plan a Christmas 'day-cation'

Tired of staying at home for Christmas? Switch it up by planning a local day-cation for you and your family. After waking up and opening gifts with your family, search for good local day-cation destinations. You can even make it more spontaneous by heading out for an unplanned trip and choosing places on the go. Use the S Voice on your Galaxy smartphone to search for and navigate to the nearest food outlets, amusement parks or arcades.

Take pictures and videos along the way and after dinner, get together as a family to combine your photos and videos into a slideshow. This is a great way to continue to maintain Christmas as a family event without everyone separately getting distracted by their amazing new devices. When your slideshow is complete, share it with your peers via Facebook, e-mail, Instagram or any of your other favourite social media platforms.