How Galaxy S6 edge+ fits in your lifestyle

By Samsung 29.09.2015

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How Galaxy S6 edge+ fits in your lifestyle

Find out how you can make use of your S6 edge+ in different scenarios.

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is a unique device in the Galaxy series. Over the years, the large screens of Note devices have appealed to many, while the design of predecessor S6 edge has turned many heads. The S6 edge+ brings the best of both worlds with a large, 5.7-inch display and a dual curved edge pioneered with the S6 edge. It pairs that with great functionality and enhanced features to deliver a delightful smartphone experience, no matter where you are. With diverse features, the device can come in handy on all occasions – whether you're looking to have fun or simply get some work done.

Here is how the S6 edge+ can help you at different places:

At work


A person's ability to multitask is extremely important at work. You often have to handle multiple projects simultaneously with looming deadlines and limited time. When this need to multitask arises, it is essential to have a phone that can be responsive to that level. Keeping up with work in between meetings, at external conferences or on the way to the office should ideally be an effortless task. With a 4GB RAM and user-friendly interface, the Galaxy S6 edge+ offers the speed and functionality to simplify multitasking for you. The phone also features multi-window options to switch between apps. For example, you can switch screens from sending an email to a client to editing a proposal document in an instant.


With the pre-installed SideSync app, you can keep a balance between multiple devices. If you have just exited a meeting with lengthy notes on your phone, there is no need to connect your phone with a cable or email yourself the details to transfer them to your computer. Simply use the SideSync app to wirelessly share the screen on your computer to continue working. You can even respond to your text messages from your computer screen.

Convenient charging

Whether you have back-to-back meetings or heavily consume data on your smartphone, you need convenient charging options. With the S6 edge+, you can enjoy fast cabled charging within 90 minutes. You can also fully charge your device wirelessly in 120 minutes by placing your phone on Samsung's new wireless charging pad.


Managing contacts

On the curved edge, you have the option to list five apps and five favourite colour-coded contacts on the edge's display. You can get quick access to your most important apps right from the edge.

When your People Edge (favourite) contacts call you, the phone's edge will light up with the colour you assigned to them. So even when your phone is face down in a meeting, you'll know when your boss is calling in case that's a call you can't afford to miss.

At home

Stay connected

The People Edge option can also be useful at home or on the go. With the ability to add five contacts on the edge's display, mom, dad, hubby/wife, sister and best friend can be within your reach within seconds. Simply slide inwards from the edge handle to connect with them. Aside from calling, messaging and emailing, you can share a photo with your edge contacts or send an emoji to brighten their day through OnCircle.

Entertainment plus

Are all the devices at home occupied by other family members? You can let your father continue watching TV and your spouse enjoy movies on the laptop. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will be by your side for your viewing pleasure.

With a 5.7-inch QUAD HD Super AMOLED display, you have a screen strong enough to watch high-quality movies on. With a fast processor, even watching videos on the web will be fast and seamless. You can also experience crisp sound through Bluetooth audio accessories that support UHQ Audio. The Level U and Level On headphones will minimise external sounds and deliver high quality audio while you enjoy the movie on your S6 edge+.


At parties

Selfies galore

If you're throwing an awesome party, it's only fair to capture the magnitude of the event with great photos. The 16MP rear camera of the Galaxy S6 edge+ is designed to take crisp and remarkable photos, which can also be enhanced with High Dynamic Range technology and valuable filters. With the help of Optical Image Stablisation, you can try to capture your friends' most natural moments or dance moves and avoid blurred pictures. With a 5MP front-facing camera, even your group selfies will be bright and sharp. The Digital Image Stabilisation function will also help you avoid shaky videos and take steady footage of all the activities.

Live Broadcast

Share the fun

You can even share the event experience with friends who aren't able to attend. Live Broadcast on S6 edge+ helps you stream real-time footage on a YouTube channel. Just point and shoot, and enjoy the moment together even when you are miles apart. Share party highlights in a fun video collage by combining four video clips through the Video Collage mode. Use Series to shoot clips in succession or shoot in slow motion to enjoy every second in detail.