How to boost your productivity

By Samsung 03.11.2015

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How to boost your productivity

Find your focus and accomplish your tasks in record time with Galaxy Tab S2’s innovative features.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is built for productivity, and can help you get more out of your tablet than ever before while eliminating unnecessary noise and distractions. Discover helpful productivity features on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. 

Use two apps side-by-side

One of Samsung Galaxy Tab S2's most exciting features is split-screen multitasking, which allows you to use two separate apps at the same time and do a wide range of tasks simultaneously.


Open the two apps you need, then use the "Recents" key next to the home button.

Tap on Split Screen, located on the top-right corner of the app, and then choose the second app in the other half of the screen.

You can use the dot at the top of the app to resize the screen for each app – perfect for when you need to frequently refer to a reference photo or diagram in the background while working.

Block out distractions

We've all experienced working on a project that requires focus and then suddenly being jolted out of our thought-stream by a random notification flashing on the screen.

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you can select "Do Not Show Notifications" under Settings --> Personal --> Lock Screen and Security --> Notifications, and then stop receiving lock screen notifications when you've set your device down for a few moments. If you receive a phone call while you're trying to focus, just place your hand over the screen and it will silence the call and allow you to return to what you were doing.

Better video calls, less wasted time

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 uses a 4:3 aspect ratio, meaning that it's great for everyday tasks and not only for high-quality entertainment. The rich and vivid Super AMOLED display and HD video capture makes it the ideal tool for having a quick video call with your team, or even to say hello to your family at home. Instead of spending time schlepping from place to place in traffic, you can simply have a quick face-to-face meeting with seamless video performance using your Tab S2.

video chat

Give impromptu presentations

With the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, you can mirror the screen of your tablet on your HDTV with the touch of a button. Instead of struggling and wasting time in a meeting to explain a concept or describe an idea, you can simply share your notes, images, slides and more with a smart TV in the area, without the need for cables and wires. Instead of preparing for a lengthy presentation in advance, you can save time by displaying notes and ideas right away, reaching your goals faster.

Pin important notifications

Notifications are kind of a double-edged sword; on one hand, not all apps are critical to your daily needs and sometimes you become inundated with unwanted alerts and sounds as you're trying to focus. On the other hand, opting out of notifications for an app and then suddenly missing a crucial notification could spell disaster. On the Tab S2, use "Set as Priority" to pin important apps' notifications at the top of your list, so you can easily scan for important notifications without the clutter.

Switch languages easily

For users in the MENA region, you may sometimes need to switch quickly between English and Arabic as you work. Luckily, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 makes it easy. Select a keyboard under Settings --> System --> Language and Input --> Keyboards and input methods. If you need to work primarily in Arabic or any other language for a while, you can select it as your default keyboard, too.

swipe screen

Quickly swipe and share screenshots

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2's advanced Motions and Gestures settings allow you to capture and share images faster with a swipe of your palm.

Simply swipe the surface of your palm over the part of the screen that you want to capture. You'll get a notification that you've successfully taken a screenshot, giving you the option to share it instantly, directly from the notification.

Create media without interruptions

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 allows you to create and edit documents quickly and easily with Microsoft Office solutions.

Instead of the limited functionality provided by some tablets, now you can create worksheets, build graphs and write content from the comfort of your Tab S2. When you save drafts and versions of your documents, don't worry about needing to email them to yourself or transfer them to your phone or laptop – OneDrive allows you to find all your documents in one convenient place, so you can do more with your time than ever before.

create media