Keep the Ramadan spirit alive with Samsung

By Samsung 17.06.2015

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Keep the Ramadan spirit alive with Samsung

Make this Ramadan an occasion to remember for you and your family with Samsung technology.

Ramadan is a much-awaited occasion that brings a whole range of opportunities – from the chance to increase our good deeds and come closer to God, to understanding the plight of others and supporting them through Zakat and other means. One of the highlights of the month is the prospect of rekindling the family spirit by spending quality time together. While on regular days, having a family meal could seem unachievable because of different (and often conflicting) routines, Ramadan gives us the opportunity to feast together during Suhoor and Iftar. The shorter working hours during the month also make it easier to catch up with friends and extended family, which may not have been possible with typically hectic work schedules.

Make the most of this time for yourself and your family with the help of Samsung's cutting edge technology.

suhd tv entertainment

Family entertainment with SUHD TV

Ramadan is a season rich with new and entertaining content, with several new shows being aired on television and on the web. Enjoy post-Iftar family time by watching HD content on Samsung SUHD TV. Use the Smart Hub to directly access the Internet and watch curated Ramadan content featured on various media platforms.

Aside from entertainment, you can read the Quran together with your family through the Mp3Quran app for Samsung Smart TVs, which features the Quran in audio and text format in six different languages.

Simplify cooking with smart appliances

The pre-Iftar time is one of the most exciting moments during Ramadan, with the anticipation of the Maghreb prayer filling the air and family members gathering in the kitchen to make Iftar together. Prepare food quickly and simultaneously with your family with the help of Samsung's MC32 microwave oven. You can also bid goodbye to oily samboosas with its Slim Fry technology, which combines a grill with warm air circulation to ensure your food is cooked crispy inside and out.

Don't scramble for space

Every day in Ramadan is almost like a small party. A large table spread and a long list of items on the menu is a Ramadan norm, as opposed to cooking just one or two dishes on a regular day. In such a situation, a spacious fridge can be your best friend. Samsung's Chef Collection refrigerator makes it easier for you to store food with customisable door pockets as well as slide-and-fold shelves that can be adjusted to fit different items. You won't have to worry about making room for that large jug of jallab you're planning to serve during Iftar.

large table spread