Make learning exciting with technology

By Samsung 17.11.2015

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Make learning exciting with technology

Find out how technology can assist you in your educational experience.

From learning new languages, to keeping up with assignments and project research, using technology can help you get through it all.

In honour of International Students' Day, find out the best ways to utilise Samsung technology in order to make learning exciting from primary to tertiary education – whether you are a parent of a school-going child or a young student yourself.

Practice with your young ones

Supplement classroom education for your little ones with some fun and interesting apps for learning Arabic and English using your Galaxy Tab S2. Your tablet makes it easy to switch between apps, spilt the screen and use different apps at the same time. Play videos on YouTube, search content on the internet and share interesting tips or fun videos with your friends who also have children.

Learning how to write the alphabet in both English and Arabic can be challenging at first, but try practicing with your child using the S Pen on your Galaxy Note5. You can even make it interesting by changing fonts and colours, and creating images. The enhanced pressure sensitivity and increased accuracy of the S Pen now makes it easier to control writing and imagery.

Manage your workload

If you're a student who has left primary school and entered the secondary level, chances are your assignments have increased and become more difficult. The opportunity of working with your parents to complete assignments or learning new words and phrases from them may be limited. With so many assignments, it can become difficult to find enough time in the day to complete all of them and still find time to study for exams.

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When classes are over for the day and it's time to focus on your assignments, set notifications for yourself; this way, you can spend more time on your more important assignments and still manage to get time to study for exams.

Using your Tab S2 to pin priorities will organise your important notifications and help you stay on task by muting other notifications. That isn't the only thing you can mute; cut out phone calls and message notifications on your tablet, if required. Visit your notifications and alter your lock screen and security notifications to do this.

When researching or reading, simultaneously take notes by using your Note5's S Pen. Aside from getting through the readings and research quickly, you can easily find your notes when it is time to prepare your reports or study for an exam. Whether you use your Note5 or your Tab S2, save your notes and content easily with OneDrive.

Group assignments

Working on group assignments can get difficult, and majority of the time everyone in the group has different schedules. Sometimes it is impossible to meet in person to share information and make progress. When everyone can't find a time that works best for the group, use your Galaxy technology to quickly video call or share your screen to update presentations and add notes or new information. The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Tab S2 offer high-quality displays for video calls, making it easy to show and share information.

Mastering the challenge

For those of you who have made it to tertiary school, you have now mastered the art of staying up late to finish assignments, studying for exams and working on group projects – sometimes all in one day. Over-indulging in caffeine in order to stay awake every night could take an effect on your health, which many of us do not think about as students.

Use your Gear S2 to track your water and caffeine levels to be aware of when to choose water over your chosen energy boost.

Syncing your Gear S2 with your other Galaxy devices also allows you to transfer a playlist of around 300 songs to your smartwatch. Listen to music on your way to class or as you study for exams. Having a customised playlist may be that one thing to maintain your focus as you study and complete assignments.

Gear S2


Being a great student in tertiary school takes more than completing assignments and doing well on exams. You are also at a time where internships and extra-curricular activities are important to develop your resume. Your schedule can become overwhelming and it is easy to forget your most important task. Use your Galaxy device's technology to add important events to your screen and your calendar; this way, you will receive alerts, and because they are pinned to your screen, important tasks will be the first thing you will see when accessing your devices.

From primary to tertiary school, Galaxy devices can assist you in enjoying your learning experience as you work to get the best education. Being a student at any level is no easy task; grab your Note5, S6 edge+, Tab S2 or Gear S2 and find out how you can use them to organise your schedule, meet with groups, practice new languages, pin important tasks, stay on top of your health and make learning exciting.